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13 Best national parks in Italy

best national parks in italy

Sea and glaciers, woods and silence, villages and sanctuaries border the sides of the best national parks in Italy. A treasure trove of infinite beauty, where diversity become beauty for the eyes.

Some of these parks are the kingdom of the Golden Eagle, the wolfs, the Peregrine Falcon. Some of them look to the sea, to the beautiful islands and their beaches.

Here the list of the top 13 National Parks:

  1. Gran Paradiso National Park;
  2. Stelvio National Park;
  3. Adamello Brenta National Park;
  4. Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park;
  5. Cinque Terre National Park;
  6. Tuscan Archipelago National Park;
  7. Casentinesi Forest National Park;
  8. Abruzzo, Lazio, and Molise National Park;
  9. Gran Sasso National Park;
  10. Majella National Park;
  11. Gargano National Park;
  12. Circeo National Park;
  13. Vesuvius National Park;

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Gran Paradiso National Park Italy

gran paradiso national park italy

The ibex is the symbol of the Gran Paradiso, the oldest Italian National Park, established in 1922. But you can also find chamois, eagles, the bearded vulture, and foxes.

In 1856, King Vittorio Emanuele II declared these lands hunting Real reserve. Between Aosta Valley and Piedmont, has a predominantly mountainous terrain.

It has ski runs and a vast network of paths, including the trail from Pont Valsavarenche to Nivolet plateau, which passes a waterfall.

Paths and excursions at Gran Paradiso Park

Over 500 Km of paths through five valleys included in the protected area.

Climbing on the Gran Paradiso Park

You can climb on rocks or ice, five uncontaminated valleys, strong rocky slopes and ice gleaming in the silence of a plant and animal life.

Skiing in the Gran Paradiso Park

In all the valleys there are skiing facilities, from cross-country skiing to the downhill skiing and the snow shows.

For the Piedmont side: Ceresole Reale, Locana, Noasca, Ribordone, Ronco Canavese.

For the Valle d'Aosta side: Aymavilles, Cogne, Introd, Rhêmes-St-Georges, Rhêmes-Notre-Dame, Villeneuve e Valsavarenche.

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Stelvio National Park Italy

stelvio national park italy

The biggest Italian national park, 501 square miles. Glaciers, Lombardy valleys, Trentino Alto Adige lakes, it's like a gigantic creature made up of rock, pasture, and coniferous woods.

Here live eagle, deer, ibex, woodchuck. Military muleteers and trenches are still there, witnesses of the Big War.

1500 Km of paths make it possible to venture and discover its beauties.


Adamello Brenta national park Italy

Adamello Brenta national park Italy

The Adamello glacier, one of the most extended in Europe, and its 48 lakes are the flagship of this park. Since 1996 the park has been involved in the brown bear recovery plan.

Activities - Go cycling, savor the pleasure of walks along the more than 700 km of marked footpaths inside the protected area.


Dolomiti Bellunesi national park Italy

Dolomiti Bellunesi national park Italy

Cliffs, screes, grasslands, and mountain pastures, this is the Dolomiti park, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the whole Park's territory, it is possible to carry out interesting faunistic observations, bring with you good binoculars!

Activities - On foot, by bike, on horseback, hundreds of paths, forestry roads, mule tracks, vie ferrate will be waiting for you!


Cinque Terre national park Italy

Cinque Terre national park Italy

Five villages, like five gems carved on the sea, Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso al Mare are an integral part of the park.

Among the little Italian parks, the steeply sloping hills have been modified by the men. The high and jagged coastline is characterized by inlet and cliffs.

The wildlife is composed of the Pellegrin Falcon, the hedgehog, the weasel, paths for trekking and walking unfold for 120 Km.

Read the 2 days itinerary in Cinque Terre.


Tuscan Archipelago national park Italy

Tuscan Archipelago national park Italy

Capraia, Elba, Giglio, Pianosa, Montecristo, Gorgona, and Giannutri. This park has beaten paths and roads between sea and shore.

Activities: Bird watching at Campo Rapaci Elba, trekking on the hundreds of paths.


Casentinesi Forest national park Italy

Casentinesi Forest national park Italy

Camaldoli and La Verna are two must-see sanctuaries if you go to the park. At a short distance, the Idoli lake, where the Etruscan worshiped their divinities. And don't forget the Acquacheta fall, mentioned by Dante in the Divine Comedy.

Activities: trekking along 600 Km of paths, biking (there is the possibility to rent a bike) on mountain trails, you can also move throughout the park on foot, horse or donkey.


Abruzzo Lazio and Molise national park Italy

Abruzzo Lazio and Molise national park Italy

The origin of this park is closely related to the conservation of several species like the wolf, the chamois, the brown bear. A model for nature conservation and environmental safeguard.

A wide network of trails covers the whole territory, you can choose among around 150 hiking trails.


Gran Sasso national park Italy

Gran Sasso national park Italy

A kaleidoscope of ecosystems and landscapes, within its territory there is the Calderone, the southernmost glacier of Europe.

Lakes, rivers, and falls alternating with little villages, convents, and abbeys.

Itineraries on foot, by bike, and on horseback are at your disposal to discover the natural and cultural treasures of the Park.


Majella national park Italy

Majella national park Italy

Massive canyon, stone huts, a web of hermitages and worship's places. Here the craft tradition still survives, in the little villages you can find blacksmiths, chisellers, weavers.

Activities: footpaths, horse trails, mountain biking.


Gargano national park Italy

Gargano national park Italy

The Tremiti islands, bright, fluctuating on the Adriatic, are the flagship of this park.

A park chiseled in sedimentary and limestone rocks.

Discover the best points of interest of Apulia!


Circeo national park Italy

Circeo national park Italy

With its characteristic half-moon shape, the park run along the coast. From Circeo Cape ( home of the sorceress Circe of the Odyssey) to Capo Portiere.

The Park offers several visit opportunities, both hiking and biking activities.


Vesuvius national park Italy

Vesuvius national park Italy

Magica De Spell cabin should be somewhere in this park!
Paths snake throughout the park, perfect for excursions, from La Valle dell'Inferno (the Hell Valley) to Mount Somma.

A unique experience, walking next to an active Vulcan.

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