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45 best amusement parks in Italy

best amusement parks in italy

From North to South, through the whole Boot, LovinItaly.com has selected the best amusement parks in Italy for children and people of all ages.
Roller-coaster, dinosaurs, fierce animals, dolphins: there's a little something for everyone!

Region: Valle d'Aosta

1) Parco Avventura Mont Blanc

Parco Avventura suit for all the ages. Inside an alpine wood, among the trees, it runs a series of bridges and pulleys.


2) Parc Animalier d'Introd

A Park immersed in a wood where is possible to meet the typical animals of the alps as the ibex, the chamois, the woodchuck, various kinds of birds of prey, roes, wild boars, jackrabbits. There is also a play and a picnic area.

Parc Animalier d'Introd

Region: Piedmont


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3) Blu Paradise Acquapark

Aquatic park with an Olympic 4-lane swimming pool, hot tubs and aquatic attractions as the Acqua-Tube, the 65 meters high Toboga, the 4-lanes Sliding Hills and for the little ones the Kid Castle.

Blu Paradise Acquapark

4) BioParco Zoom

It is a Bioparco, where the animals live in their habitats patiently reconstructed.
Among the environments to visit: the Madagascar area, the bay of the penguins, the Serengeti with the animals of the African Savana, the farm of the baobabs, Petra's birds of prey and the Sumatra area where is possible to see the tigers.


BioParco Zoom

5) Safari Park di Pombia

Safari Park divided in two great areas, the faunistic zone and another devoted to typical amusement attractions.
In the first zone, it is possible to complete a Safari on board of your own car or on a little train, it'll take around an hour and a half during which it is possible to admire and photograph the animals.
The second area of the park is characterized by numerous attractions, among which: the Pirate Ship.

Safari Park di Pombia

Region: Lombardy

6) Leolandia (Capriate)

It is the greatest amusement park in Lombardy. Initially born as a Mini-Italia, a reconstruction in miniature of the architectural beauties of Italy.

Then, throughout the years were placed side by side different attractions and thematic areas, among which Cowboy Town: in a scenery from a Spaghetti Western movie there are the most loved rides as the Trunks of the Gold River, the Flight of the Vultures, the crazy Mine Train, and for the little ones the Tren8.

Another thematic area very appreciated is that of the Pirates.
A novelty: the Smurfs that celebrate the animation movie "The Smurfs: the lost village".


7) Le Cornelle

Faunistic Park where besides the known species you can observe rare exemplary or in danger of extinction as the Snow Leopard, the Crane of the Manchuria, the Hyacinth Macaw, the White Lions and the rare White Tiger, today completely extinct in nature.

Le Cornelle

8) Parco della Preistoria

In a natural area on the banks of the Adda, have been reconstructed around 50 dinosaurs belonging to 31 prehistoric species, among which arthropods, fishes, amphibians, archaic reptiles, dinosaurs, pterosaurs, plesiosaurs, mammals and primitive men.

The Park also offers other attractions, among which a botanical run, a paleontological museum, animals like ponies, a labyrinth and the a little train.

Parco della Preistoria

9) Cowboyland, (Voghera)

Thematic park about the Far West world. To raise awareness the life, the history, the customs of the Cowboys and Indians of America, but above all the typical animals of the ranches and of the grasslands of North America.

Among the attractions: the Gold Mine Train, the Indians' canoes, and spectacular rodeos.


Region: Veneto

10) Gardaland

Gardaland is the most famous and visited amusement park of Italy, among the first eight theme parks in Europe.

It offers about ten attractions for all the tastes, from the calmer with fantasy inspiration as the Peter Pan theme, to those for who are looking for emotions as the Raptor (extreme roller coaster).

Among the novelties: Shaman, a spectacular virtual trip in the mysterious world of the spirits of the Indians of America.

Gardaland Sea Life Aquarium is located in the immediate proximities of the amusement park, and it is composed of 37 tubs that reconstruct environments and natural habitat in which is possible to admire over 5.000 creatures, representing numerous animal species, from those more known to those weird and exotic.


11) Movieland Park - Canevaworld

An aquatic Park + one devoted to the world of Cinema.

In the MovielandStudios can be lived the emotions and the experiences of the most famous movies, you can meet characters as Rambo, Lara Croft and the adventure of Tomb Rider, Zorro, Terminator and many others.

Among the novelties: the house of Fantasmik, where the fear is functional only to the fun of the little ones.

In the aquatic park, Caneva Aquapark, you can have a good time with numerous aquatic attractions. Here the novelty is SuperSplash: a maxi slide that will make you fly for real!


Movieland Park

12) Sea Life Jesolo

Aquarium equipped with 37 tubs with over 3.000 animals belonging to more than 150 aquatic species from all the seas of the planet: from the little seahorses to jellyfishes, from the stingrays to the mysterious sharks.

A particular path of over 2.000 square meters that will lead you to the discovery of the seas, in a long trip through 16 ambients: from the Lagoon in Venice to the ocean and the tropical seas.

Sea Life Jesolo

13) Aqualandia di Jesolo

It is not only an aquatic park but a true island of fun, with 26 aquatic attractions (among which the highest slide of the World) and not aquatic (among which the higher bungee jumping of Europe), shows, and animations.
Opening: on May 27.

Aqualandia di Jesolo

Region: Trentino

14) Acropark Centa

Adventure Park with 8 separated paths for age and difficulty: Junior, Senior and Kid Explorer, Junior Adventure, Junior Advance, Emotion, and Braves Only.

Besides these, there is also Big Circle, a suggestive ride of the perimeter of the park with a final flight above the Rio Centa through a long sequence of zip lines.

Acropark Centa

15) Cremisilandia

It is a mountain park. There is the little pond with a mill, a tepee, the swing and the sandbox. A lot of activities for children of all the ages, among these: orienteering in the wood, how to build a mountain village, how to fly a kite and so many others. The entry is free.


Region: Friuli

16) Aquasplash

Aquatic park with numerous attractions, among which the Swimming Pool, the Musical Atoll, the Multiline Slide, the Blank-Hole, the Double Kamikaze, the Fire-Slide, the Tortuous Anaconda, the Long Twist and the Jaracaboa Slide.

On dry land, there are the trampolines, the mechanical bull.



17) Gulliverlandia

It rises close to Aquasplash. It is divided into different areas: a marine area with a transparent tunnel under the level of the sea to see fishes and a separated terrestrial zone with different thematic areas: dinosaurs, medieval, Maya world...

Among the main attractions: the Panoramic Tower high 60 meters and the tournament wheel.


Region: Liguria

18) Acquario di Genova

The Aquarium of Genoa is the greatest Italian aquarium and the second in Europe after that of Valencia in Spain.

In its complex entertains 15.000 specimens, 400 different species of animals and 200 of vegetables.

A trip to the discovery of the aquatic environments of the whole Planet and their inhabitants: from the Manatee to the Seal, from the penguins to the jellyfishes, from the dolphins to the sharks, from the Antarctic fishes (single European structure to host them) to the colored fishes of the Coral Reef.


Acquario di Genova

Region: Emilia Romagna

19) Città dei Bambini

It is the greatest structure in Italy devoted to game, science, and technology, for children and boys between 2 and 12 years old.

Over 90 installations that allow doing "small and great" discoveries to satisfy their own desire to know and bring them closer to the science and the technology in an amusing way.

Città dei Bambini

20) Mirabilandia (Ravenna)

Amusement Park. It is divided into seven thematic areas that develop around a central lake.
The amusement park offers numerous attractions for all tastes; some freaky as Ispeed: roller coaster at the speed of a Formula 1 and the reckless train of the adventure of Max Adventures Master Thai, Niagra, with a chilling descent on a gigantic wave.

And attractions for the children, as Autosplash, down in the water on board of pink Cadillac.

Novelty: Master Thai, an unbelievable experience of virtual reality.


21) Safari Ravenna

A faunistic park with more than 700 animals of over 100 different species. You can complete the path driving your car, on a train or with the park's electric car.

Among the novelties, there is the oasis of the chimpanzees.

Safari Ravenna

22) Aquafan (Riccione)

It is the more visited aquatic park of Italy and one of the most famous in Europe. Aquatic fun for all the tastes: from the Kamikaze to the Extreme River, from the Speedriul to the Rapid River, from the new StrizzaCool to the Tobagas, slow and fast river, swimming pools for children, hot tubs, various shows and amusing moments of animation.



23) Oltremare

A Park where you can discover the sea world and not only.
The heart of the park is the lagoon of the dolphins where is possible to meet these splendid mammals.

Another area is the Darwin forest: under a dome of glass and steel, has been reconstructed a prehistoric forest.

It is possible to participate in sessions of falconry and see the birds of prey. For the children, there is the game area: The island of Ulisse.

A novelty of this year "The show of nature", choreographies put in scene by the dolphins.


24) Italia in Miniatura

A Park that reproduces in reduced-size numerous Italian and European monuments.

The most unbelievable reconstruction is that of Venice, reproduced to a fifth of the original one so that you can navigate the Canal Grande on a gondola.

There is also an area for the children, the canoes, the Moon Park of the science, a little train and other attractions.


Italia in Miniatura

25) Fiabilandia

Amusement park: it develops around the Lake Bernardo and is divided into 5 main thematic areas: Medieval, Oriental, Pirates' Bay, the Magic Suburb and the Far West (the better theme of the park).

And for the children: the Magic Suburb, the Horses Merry-go-round, the Valley of the Gnomes and the playground of Pinko Pallina.



Region: Toscana

26) Il Cavallino Matto

It is the greatest amusement park in Tuscany, located in a pine forest near a beach of the Tyrrhenian Sea. It offers numerous attractions for the children as the African Village and the canoes of the fables and exciting attractions for the adults like the Shocking Tower high 50 meters.
Restaurants, cafe, self-service, pizzeria, and picnic areas.


Il Cavallino Matto

27) Acqua Village Follonica

Aquatic Park in the green of the Maremma. The super attraction Gin-Co, a multiline slide high 18 meters, and for the little ones Mokus: a swimming pool with Hawaiian scenographies, nice playgrounds to make them have a good time.


Acqua Village Follonica

28) Parco di Pinocchio

Park inspired by the masterpiece of Collodi "The Adventures of Pinocchio". The children can live the magic of the world of Pinocchio, one of the most famous stories in the world.

Parco di Pinocchio

29) Parco Pitagora

Park for families with so many games: the Caterpillar, the Pirates' Burrow, trampolines, aquatic rafts.
All free!

Parco Pitagora

Region: Umbria

30) La Città della Domenica

Park for families. A part of the park is a run in the middle of nature where is possible to see so many animals in liberty.

Another area, tales theme, for the children: the Village of Pinocchio, the house of Little Red Riding Hood, the Sleeping Beuty Castle, Snow White House.


La Città della Domenica

Region: Marche

31) Parco Eldorado

Aquatic park. There are numerous attractions for the whole family: from little babies to more reckless people.

There are different swimming pools, a lagoon for the children, hot tubs and some slides, among which Big Twins: the two longest slides of Europe.


Parco Eldorado

Region: Lazio

32) Luneur Park

A creative Park proposed as a garden of the wonder, for children up to 12 years old.

Besides the classical merry-go-rounds, there are many creative games in a magic context. Among the attractions: the magic boat, the caterpillar apple, the great tree, jumbo...

Opening: March 30.

Luneur Park

33) Cinecittà World

Cinema Park theme. Among the so many attractions: the fallen tower Indiana Adventure, Inferno, roller coaster in the dark.
Then shows and thematic areas inspired by the ancient Rome, the Far West, the Space...

Opening: on March 25.

Cinecittà World

34) Rainbow MagicLand

Amusement park with 38 attractions. Many games are inspired by the characters of the Group Rainbow as the Winx, with planet Winx: where flying gondolas will bring your children in a cartoon or Huntik 5D where you, armed with laser guns, will be involved in a first-person shooter adventure in the underground of the Earth.
And then Maison Houdini, Castle Alfea...

Rainbow MagicLand

35) Zoomarine

Sea theme park. Among the attractions: the"the Pirates' Lagoon" where on board of galleons you can shoot with water guns, the 4D cinema, the roller coaster Vertigo with the loop the loop.

And "The Dinosaurs Era " that recreates a typical prehistoric forest with dinosaurs at full-scale.



Region: Abruzzo

36) Ondablu

The aquatic park has 19 aquatic attractions, among which: the swimming pool with waves, the swimming pool for babies, so many types of slides as the Kamikaze, the Blue Hole, the 3 lines Foam, the Stream and so many others.
Opening: June 2017.


Region: Campania

37) Città della Scienza (Naples)

Every weekend the Science Centre of Città della Scienza proposes a rich program of activity, animation, and laboratories for children. And from March 19 inaugurates the greatest 3D Planetarium of Italy.

Città della Scienza (Naples)

38) Magic World

Aquatic park. Among the attractions: the great swimming pool, the lazy river, hot tubs, and the tropical lagoon with slides and games of water for children.

Among the more reckless aquatic attractions: the anaconda, high 12 meters with four lanes.


Magic World

39) Ditellandia

Aquatic park at 20 km from Naples. Among the attractions: slide Anaconda (Toboga), three Kamikaze, four-lane Quadriscivolo, five slides for children, ten swimming pools of which an Olympic one and a Lagoon.


Region: Puglia

40) Miragica

Amusement park with 23 attractions, between shows and merry-go-rounds.
Among the main attractions: launched coaster, high-speed roller coaster, a tower where the participants fall into the void from a height of 47 meters, the 4D cinema and proper games for the whole family like the ride on the trunks, the Mangiabiglie, and a theater.


41) Parco dei Dinosauri

A Park museum. A trip back to the epoch of the dinosaurs.

Starting from the Paleozoic Era with the first living beings, then to the Mesozoic, dominated by the great dinosaurs, until Cenozoic Era, dominated by the mammals, these last ones represented inside the park by the American Mastodon and by some kinds of hominids, Abilis, Erectus, Neandertal.


Parco dei Dinosauri

42) Fasanolandia e Zoosafari

The park offers over 25 attractions between shows and mechanical merry-go-rounds of various kind.
At just a few footsteps there is the faunistic park zoo safari, one of the widest of Italy and of Europe, which hosts dozens of species that live on a visitable surface of 140 hectares on board of your own car.


Region: Calabria

43) Acquapark Odissea 2000

Famous aquatic park for its long slides, among which: Black Polifemo (high 22 meters and long 190 meters), Big Olimpo (sort of aquatic roller coaster high 25 meters), Humerus Jump (rapid dive); Titano Roller and Chimera.
There is also an area devoted to the children.

Take a look at the best beaches of Calabria.


Acquapark Odissea 2000

Region: Sicily

44) Etnaland

Amusement park with 34 attractions, among those of great success: Eldorado set in a '900 mine; the topspin Vortigo, a space theme, the Babel tower, The school, a scary ride set in an old school and so many other merry-go-rounds for children.

There is also the aquatic park with slides: Jungle splash, Crocodile rapid and so much other.

Among the novelties: Park of the Prehistory and Botanical ride.



Region: Sardinia

45) Diverland

Aquatic park with slides: 2 Toboga, 2 Kamikaze, a multilane slide, the Black Hole; the Rapid Rio, the relaxing slow river.
During the day there are amusing moments of animation and shows.


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