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Best places to stay in vernazza

From many considered the most suggestive of the Cinque Terre, Vernazza is documented for the first time in 1080, the high economic and social level already reached from the village in the Middle Ages is today testified by the urbanistic conformation and by the presence of architectural elements of great value as lodges, churches, house-towers, and porches.

The country is dominated from the remains of the "castrum", a series of medieval fortifications going back to the XI century, with a castle and a cylindrical tower.

The inhabited area is constituted from separate residences on the sides of an only central street and, perpendicularly, from steep stairways called "Arpaie."

The historical monument of most importance is Saint Margherita of Antiochia, a church of Romanesque-Genoese style, whose construction goes back to the XIII century.

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