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9 of the best views in Rome
(with a map to discover all the terraces!!)

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best views in Rome

Rome offers landscapes and extraordinary views, something that often the Romans take for granted.

But if you (tourist) are looking for all those sights that will leave you shocked for their beauty, then you must read this precious list of the most beautiful and enchanting panoramic terraces in Rome.

Only from these points, you can enjoy the full grandeur and the vastness of Rome. And maybe discover some off the beaten tracks while doing it.

So, which are the most beautiful Roman panoramic terraces?

Let's begin immediately with the map of the best views in Rome!


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Panoramic terrace of Gianicolo

gianicolo terrace view

The Gianicolo is the hill located behind Trastevere.

Thanks to its strategic and dominant position on the river, it will be possible to admire a breathtaking panorama of the whole city.

From here it is possible to recognize the Basilica of St. Pietro, the immense dome of the Pantheon, the portentous massive structure of the Vitoriano and still more.

A curiosity?

Try to get on the top at 12:00 pm o'clock, when three soldiers, every day, load a cannon and shoot a loud boom that rings in the whole city! 

The tradition of the cannon goes back to Pope Pio IX that, to avoid confusions, established in 1846 this service, synchronizing all the bells of the Roman churches!

If you are curious, here in this video the famous "shoot of the Gianicolo!"


Panoramic terrace of Pincio

pincio terrace view

The terrace of Pincio is also famous, absorbed in the park of Villa Borghese, that lean out directly on Piazza del Popolo.

Thanks to the exceptional light of the typical Roman summer sunsets, becomes one of the views more envied by the world!


Panoramic terrace of
Giardino degli Aranci

giardino degli aranci terrace view

For the most romantic of you, the correct choice is in the Park Savello on the Aventino!

In the small but delicious green space, known as Giardino degli Aranci (Garden of the Orange tree), there is a terrace that faces the Gianicolo.

From here you can also see the Tiberina island and the Ghetto, you could almost touch the innovative square dome of the greatest Synagogue in Europe!

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Panoramic terrace of Campidoglio

campidoglio terrace view

If you are looking for a more particular view, to take landscapes postcard picture, I recommend the Campidoglio!

Not one, but three exceptional terraces.

The first two directly lean out on the area of the Foro Romano, one to the right and one to the left of the old Senatorial Building.

From here it is not difficult to understand the immensity of the city of Rome during the imperial epoch.

Temples, basilicas, squares, columns, and arcs tell about centuries of power! 

But the surprise is all in the Terrace of the Caffetteria of the Museums Capitolini.

Ignored by many but reachable without the obligation of the visit to the museums.

It shows the whole beauty of the Foro Olitorio, that has as the star attraction the Theater of Marcello, built from August for the beloved nephew.


Panoramic terrace of
Trinità dei Monti

trinità dei monti view

Another impressive panoramic point is undoubtedly Trinità dei Monti.

From the tallest point of the XVIII century stairway, the Spanish Steps will change its aspect completely!

I absolutely recommend the walk along the avenue that brings to Villa dei Medici.

Unusual views on the historical center are waiting for, like the magnificent churches' domes skyline!


Panoramic terrace of
"The Zodiac"
in Monte Mario

monte mario view

Simply put, the tallest point in Rome.

Here you will enjoy the most enchanting and romantic sight in the whole city!

All the terraces mentioned before have free access. But if you are willing to pay some Euros, the options increase!


Panoramic terrace of the Vittoriano

vittoriano view

On the summit of the Vittoriano, the monument built in memory of Vittorio Emanuele II, are located extraordinary panoramic terraces that offer a unique scenery of the center of Rome.

From 2007, two panoramic elevators allow reaching the highest point of the monument.


Panoramic terrace of
Saint Peter Dome

Saint Peter Dome view

A classical is the Dome of the Basilica of St. Pietro.

A long spiral staircase denominated "snail of Sant'Andrea" will bring you up to the most external Gallery of the Dome, from which is possible to admire a 360° panorama of the entire city!


Panoramic terrace of
the Horti Farnesiani

horti farnesiani view

If the view on the Foro from the Campidoglio doesn't satisfy you, it will be enough to climb on top of the Palatine that leans out over the Horti Farnesiani.

The noble Roman family doesn't have casually select this place to build its residence.

From one side can be admired the whole buildings at the feet of the Campidoglio and the Vittoriano.

From the other side, the sight will space on the whole area of the Foro up to the Colosseum and Colle Oppio.

The list of the most beautiful Roman panoramic terraces could continue because there are present numerous places, coffee shops, and restaurants that offer spectacular panoramic terraces, but this is a whole other story!

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