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Campania Italy Points of Interest
(10 must see places)

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campania italy points of interest

You are about to visit one of the Italian regions richer in history, full of monuments and natural beauties.
Campania is surely the proper place for the most demanding travelers, a place able to satisfy every taste.

Six sites declared patrimony of the humanity from the UNESCO it speaks volumes.

Besides the main attractions, however, there is a world to discover, between coasts and spectacular mountains, festivities and traditional rites without forgetting the suburbs of Campania and its excellent gastronomy.

Meanwhile, while you are waiting for your flight, let's see which are the places you have to absolutely visit in Campania.

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Obviously starting from Naples, the most important city of Campania, famous metropolis all over the world for its millennial history and for its so many defects and virtues.

Naples is an important port for the cruise ships and the main junction of south Italy with its important international airport of Capodichino.

The greatness and the numbers of monuments of the city stun the traveler, so which are the places to visit in Naples?

Surely, you can't help to see the historical center: the Duomo, via dei Tribunali, San Gregorio Armeno, Spaccanapoli, Piazza San Domenico, and the Cappella Sansevero will kidnap you with their charm, a unique place in the world, surrounded between the perfumes of the Neapolitan street food and the aroma of the coffee.

Among Piazza Municipio, ViaToledo, Piazza Plebiscito and Via Chiaia you will discover an elegant and regal Naples, where to go shopping and relax in the historical coffees and restaurants.

The waterfront Caracciolo with Castel dell'Ovo and the Suburb Marinari is surely among the most beautiful and romantic places in the city to enjoy the sunset.

If you love the archaeology and the art you will find in Naples some among the most important museums in the world: the National Archaeological Museum, Capodimonte, the Certosa of St. Martin and others, they will leave you amazed.

Naples must be discovered, through its alleys and its thousands of faces.

To know more, read my complete guide: Naples travel guide.

And now let's continue our magnificent trip through Campania!


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Amalfi Coast and
the Peninsula Sorrentina


Surely one of the more fascinating coastal of the world, where natural beauties, merged with the work of man, has created beautiful scenarios.

The tortuous road that unties along the coast and its slopes will bring you in a trip among Mediterranean atmospheres made of bright towns and colored domes, high cliffs with amazing beaches, places where traditions and ancient works cohabit with modern tourist services and lap of luxury.

Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, this are only the most famous cities of the coast but every suburb and city, on the sea or in the hill has a unique taste as the so many excellent products that are born in this territory among which the perfumed lemons.

Read here how to get around from/to Amalfi coast and Naples.

The islands of Campania:
Capri, Ischia, and Procida

In Campania, you can see some of the most famous islands of the Mediterranean, landing for ancient navigators and suggestive scenery of myths, legends, and novels.

Capri, choose as a place of laziness since emperors and Roman patricians, it is the ideal place for the sweet life, with its luxurious hotels and restaurants, perfect places for a night out and exclusive events.

Out of the noise of the famous Piazzetta and the harbor, Capri hides enchanting trekking paths in the hills of Anacapri, rests of ancient Roman villas and hidden ravines.



Ischia is a heaven on earth, composed from well six different towns, one more beautiful than the other.

The ancient Pithekoussai, among the more ancient Greek installations of the Mediterranean, is rich in monuments and places to visit, during beautiful excursions.

Ischia is famous for its excellent thermal baths that take life from the volcanic activities of the Flegrea area, of which you can enjoy the whole year.



If you look for a seafaring suburb, go to Procida, where I recommend you to see the picturesque block of Corricella on the dock of Marina Grande.



Campi Flegrei

Campi Flegrei

Welcome to the preferred residence by the patricians of Rome, where the earth still burns for the volcanic activity.

Campi Flegrei are rich in charming history, with its beautiful coasts and seafaring cities as Pozzuoli, Bacoli, up to Capo Miseno, with the archaeological rests of the ancient Roman epoch.

The volcanic lakes with amazing landscapes as the lake Fusaro and the signs of the strong volcanic activity of the area as the unbelievable Solfatara, an active and visitable crater with powerful fumaroles.

Among the more famous archaeological parks in the world, there is Cuma, ancient and powerful Greek city, where you can see the mysterious Cavern of the Sibilla.

Pompeii, Ercolano, and the Vesuvius


Live in the ancient Roman civilization for one day, crossing the streets of the buried cities from the fury of the Vesuvius, Pompeii, and Ercolano will leave you astonished for the shine of their villas, for the vivid image of a past stopped in an eternal instant.

From Pompeii and Ercolano, with various means of transport, you can reach the Vesuvius caldera, the mythical volcano lauded by writers and artists.

The Vesuvius, the only active volcano of continental Europe, is visitable in its National Park of the Vesuvius and particularly on its crater at 1281 meters of altitude, from which you can enjoy of an unforgettable view on the Naples Gulf.

Caserta and the outskirts

Among the most spectacular sites to be visited in Campania, there is surely the Palace of Caserta, the biggest royal residence in the world.

Built in the Bourbonic period, the Palace of Caserta, besides the magnificent rooms it has an extraordinary park with tubs, scenic fountains, and an enchanting area with gardens.

What to visit near Caserta? At just a few kilometers from the Palace, moving on the hills you can visit the royal residence of St. Leucio with the ancient silk factories and the panoramic views, the town of Old Caserta, a jewel that will bring you back in the medieval.

Through the ancient street Appia you can reach the cities of Saint Maria Capua Vetere and Capua, the first one is the ancient Roman city with an amphitheater (the second in the world in dimension), the museum and the suggestive Mitreo, the second is a medieval city with beautiful churches, buildings, and monuments, mighty boundaries, and fortitudes.

Not far, at the feet of the divine Tifata mountain, there is the monastery of Sant'Angelo in Formis with its ancient frescos and the unbelievable structures of the aqueduct Carolino.

Benevento and outskirts

Benevento is an ancient city, surely among the places that worth a visit in Campania, a big center in the Roman and medieval period, that still show the remnants of the old empire.

A walk among its monuments will accompany you in his great past, of which some of the symbols are the magnificent Traiano Arc and the great Roman theater.

From the medieval period, when the city was the Longobardi capital, you can visit the precious Church of Saint Sofia, considered patrimony of the humanity for the UNESCO, the Cathedral, the Rocca dei Rettori, the boundaries and other important ancient buildings.

Going out of Benevento you will primarily be surrounded by a beautiful country cultivated with olive trees and grapevine, from which is prepared some good oils and excellent wines as the Aglianico and the Falanghina.

What to see on the outskirts of Benevento? Moving toward Sannio Caudino and the mountains of Taburno, you will meet the town of Montesarchio, dominated from a Castle, and still, in direction of Caserta the spectacular city of Sant'Agata dei Goti.

The northern territory of Benevento, with its suburbs, is rich of natural beauties, among which those near Cusano Mutri, woods, lakes and suggestive rivers.

I also suggest you the thermal establishments of Telese Terme and the suggestive suburb of Pietralcina, country of origin of St. Pious, the destination of numerous pilgrimages.


Sant'Agata dei Goti

The Province of Avellino

The province of Avellino hides sceneries that you won't expect in Campania, at a few kilometers from the splendid coasts you will find mountainous landscapes, traditions, and unique products.

The chief town, Avellino, is a simple city but pushing into the inside you will discover some beautiful suburbs:
Montella, the city of the chestnut.
Bagnoli Irpino, with the pecorino cheese, mushrooms, and truffles.
Nusco, Montemarano, Gesualdo, Ariano Irpino, Lauro, with their castles that host festival and events, these are some of the characteristics cities, destinations of slow tourism, with their good air and the excellent gastronomic.

Lake Laceno, Bagnoli Irpino

Marvelous and mystical are the abbeys of the province of Avellino, among which Montevergine, with its rich artistic patrimony and one more hidden, the Abbey del Goleto at Sant’Angelo dei Lombardi.

There is no lack of natural attractions, among which the lake Laceno, splendid highland with alpine atmospheres where in winter it is possible to ski, the Terminio Mountain, the natural Valley of the Valle della Caccia di Senerchia and a lot more.

lake laceno

Lake Laceno


Continuing our tour of the best places in Campania we'll go back toward the sea to visit Salerno, an ancient harbor city that has seen its maximum shine in the medieval when it was an important Longobard and Norman center.

What to see in Salerno? Surely, you'll spend the big part of the time in its historical center, with its alleys rich in history and charm, a must stop is the magnificent Cathedral of St. Matteo with the near Diocesan Museum.

And the Provincial Archaeological Museum, the Longobardo complex of St. Pietro a Corte, the neighborhood Fornelle with its murals, the Garden of Minerva, the ancient Medical School.

Or you can just walk on via dei Mercanti where you will find shops of every kind or go out in the evening among via Roma and the Rotunda (Flavio Gioia square), full of cafes and restaurants.

Out of the historical center, you can make shopping on Corso Vittorio Emanuele or relax on its beautiful waterfront reaching the little beach of Saint Teresa.

Push yourself up to Castle Arechi, imposing fortitude that dominates the city, from which you will see a stupendous view.

If you are not satisfied yet, at a few kilometers from Salerno there is Cava de’ Tirreni, with its beautiful historical center and the famous Abbey.


The National Park of the Cilento,
Vallo di Diano, and Alburni

This Park is one of the widest of Italy, it occupies the southern part of Campania and it hosts different environments.

The Cilento is famous for its beautiful coasts and sea towns like Agropoli a Palinuro and Sapri, S. Maria of Castellabate and Acciaroli.

The hinterland of Cilento, however, offers a lot of surprises, among its towns, Castellabate, Pollica, Rocca Gloriosa, they all preserve ancient traditions and gastronomic products of excellence.

In Cilento, you can visit two of the more important archaeological parks: Paestum and Elea Velia.

Vallo di Diano, it is an ample valley crossed by the river Tanagro.

So many towns have risen in it, some of great charm and history as Teggiano, the ancient Dianum, built on a high ground rich in churches and monuments and Padula, with the Certosa of St. Lawrence, the greatest of Italy.

certosa di padula

Certosa di Padula

On the Heights, enchanting it is the ghost town of Roscigno Vecchia. Absolutely to see, there are the caves of Pertosa and those of Castelcivita on the Alburni Mountains.

roscigno vecchia

Roscigno Vecchia

What to eat in Campania?

The gastronomy in Campania needs whole books! Among the most famous products, there are surely the different varieties of Tomatoes and the mozzarella di Bufala.

Campania is famous for the pizza that finds in Naples its capital, near the sea, you will find numerous recipes based on local fishes combined with vegetables from the hill, while in the mountain it prevails the meat, mushrooms, truffles, chestnuts, and cheeses.

The winery tradition goes back millennia and today give life to some of the best wines in Italy that found in these territories their the natural habitat. Another regional boast is the confectionery, among the more appreciated in the world.

So, what are you waiting for?

mozzarella di bufala
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