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Closest airport to Naples Italy
(transportation to Sorrento and Amalfi coast)

closest airport to naples italy

The closest airport to Naples Italy is the International airport in Capodichino.

Capodichino is the greatest airport of region Campania and one of the most important of the center-south. Located at about 6 km from the center of Naples, it serves around 5.500.000 of passengers every year.

From the airport to the station of Central Naples and vice versa, the cost is of € 13.

To reach the airport by train from the Railway Station in Naples Centrale you can use one of the so many connections by bus, proposed by various companies.

Transport from Naples airport to Sorrento


The Sorrento's coast is well connected with the city of Naples, therefore arriving from the airport of Capodichino is very easy.

At the airport you can find the buses of the Curreri Viaggi, that depart every hour and reach Sorrento, Meta, Castellammare, Piano di Sorrento, S.Agnello and Vico Equense.
The ticket costs € 10 and it can be purchased on the bus.

At the airport of Capodichino there is also the service Alibus, from 6:30 to the 23:30, it will take you to the railway station in Naples, from where is possible to take the Circumvesuviana for the coastline.

With the train, from the Central Station in Naples, take the Circumvesuviana that will take you to every town of the peninsula. The trip to Sorrento will take around one hour.

The ticket costs € 3 are and it lasts 90 minutes during which it can also be used for other means of the public transportation. There are departures every 30 minutes and the ticket can be purchased on board.

Transportation from Naples airport to Positano

Here three different solution:

Option 1 - From Naples airport to Sorrento: Service shuttle Curreri, then from Sorrento to Positano by Bus Sita.

Option 2 - From Naples airport in Naples center (station trains): Service shuttle depart every 10 minutes from Naples station to Sorrento with Train Circumvesuviana. Then from Sorrento to Positano by Bus Sita

Option 3 - (only high season) From Naples airport to Naples port (pier Beverello) the shuttle depart every 10 minutes with a stop at Capri. Surely it is not an economic solution, the total cost can arrive around € 40/50 per person.

How to get from Naples airport to Amalfi coast


To arrive at Amalfi coast from the airport of Capodichino in Naples, the most comfortable solution is surely the transfer.

Unfortunately, the cost for this type of transport can represent an excessive expense, but there are many public means that are directed toward Amalfi from the airport.

Especially in summer, there are buses, ferries, and the hydroplanes. The road that connects the towns of the Amalfi coast is the National 163, characterized by sinuous curves that embrace the landscape, therefore the trip in with a bus is recommended only for strong stomachs.

The airport of Capodichino is connected with the center in Naples thanks to a comfortable service shuttle, the line Alibus that every hour from 6.30 am to the 10.30 pm effect, every 90 minutes, fast runs toward Garibaldi square where you'll take the Circumvesuviana.

The ticket for the shuttle cost € 4 and the run has a duration of 25 minutes.

Once reached the station there are various possibilities to reach Amalfi.

- The first one is the Circumvesuviana local train that stops at Sorrento, the trip is of about 70 minutes and costs € 3,20. From Sorrento you can continue toward Amalfi on board of a bus SITA that stops in all the towns of the Coastline, the single run cost range from € 2 to € 4, based on the destination.

With the hydroplane, the cost of the ticket rises to € 17 and the duration of the trip is of about 50 minutes.

- From the station in Naples Centrale, reach the terminal of the buses in Varco Immacolatella that lasts 10 minutes by taxi, here take a SITA Bus that stops at Amalfi: the complete duration of the trip is of 2 hours and the ticket it has a price of € 4.

- From the station in Naples Centrale you can choose to proceed in the direction to Salerno by train (there are both the regional or the Intercity (high speed) and then to take a bus SITA or the hydroplane.

With the bus, you'll arrive at Amalfi in 75 minutes and the price for the ticket is of € 4.

The hydroplane is very faster and arrives at Amalfi in 35 minutes, the cost of the trip is of € 8.

Or you could rent a car!

The last solution and probably the better (since reach the Amalfi coast is not so simple) and that will give you the freedom to visit all the little towns of the coast without having to wait for buses or trains is to rent a car with Economybookings.

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