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10 of the most Famous
(and not)
churches in Venice.

famous churches in venice

In Venice, there are more than 250 churches between consecrated and desecrated. If the consecrated ones are first a place of cult, all together they are an inestimable cultural, artistic and human patrimony.

The churches in Venice are magnificent and you can lose yourself in their colors, plasters, statues, mosaics.

Doges and Nobles have competed for centuries to be buried with all the honors inside these churches. But the most interesting thing is that also the greatest artists and architects lived between the XIV and the XVII century have fought to work and participate in the creation of these places of cult.

Also, the smallest churches in Venice are drawn by illustrious names as Palladio, Longhena, Scarpagnino, Lombardo, and frescos and works of artists such Tintoretto, Tiziano, Veronese, Bellini, Sansovino, Lotto e Jacopo Palma il Giovane.

And thank to these artists, to their schools and students, that the tourists that visit Venice can watch the marvelous churches of the lagoon city.

In this post I introduce you the 10 most famous churches in Venice, those absolutely to see.

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Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari Basilica

Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari Basilica venice

The greatest church in Venice and also the most interesting.
Located in the heart of the Saint Pole district, it glorifies the ascent to the sky of Maria. This church is known above all for some works of art that you can admire.

Among these, the "Assunta" by Tiziano, a 7 meters high oil paint, but also the "Trittico dei Frari" by Giovanni Bellini and the Antonio Canova's Mausoleum, built by its same students.


Saints Giovanni and Paolo Basilica

Giovanni and Paolo Basilica

This marvelous church is located in the ancient Venetian district of Cannaregio and rises really to the side of the old hospital.

This basilica is a sort of Venetian Pantheon since it is here that different doges were buried. The inside of the church is fascinating indeed, thanks to the decorations of the tombs the statues, the paintings, the reliefs, the altars, the frescos.

A must are the "Elemosina di Sant'Antonio" by Lorenzo Lotto and the famous equestrian Monument dedicated to Bartolomeo Colleoni of the Verrocchio, characterized for the fact that the horse stands on three legs, an innovative detail at the time.

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Saint Zaccaria Church

Saint Zaccaria Church venice

This church is an integral part of the most ancient Venetian convent, in which the rich families sent their virgin daughters to protect them from the decadence of the Venetian society.

The convent and the church were already built probably in the IX century. During the Napoleonic occupation, the convent was converted into a barrack and today is the Carabinieri headquarter.

The principal attraction of the church is its "Sacra Conversazione" by Giovanni Bellini, that dates back to 1505 and it is one of the most important examples of Renaissance art.


Saint Mark Basilica

Saint Mark Basilica venice

The Basilica of Saint Mark, situated in the homonym square, is one of the most famous attractions in the city, probably thanks to its position.

But the Basilica has so much to offer, the Byzantine style of the architecture and its decorations confer it a fascinating atmosphere.

The external facade, that has Gothic elements, and the inside decorations reveal the political and religious past of Venice and its narrow relationship with Constantinople.


Saint Maria della Salute

saint maria della salute church venice

This marvelous church, almost entirely white, it represents one of the most meaningful Baroque constructions in the whole city. It is located on the Canal Grande, just before Punta della Dogana, in the Dorsoduro district and it is immediately recognizable for its octagonal form.

The Basilica was erect during a long and intense pestilence, by order of the Doge, that wanted to beg the Madonna to put an end to the epidemy.


Gesuiti Church

gesuiti church venice

This church is not known as those I have introduced until now, but this makes it even more interesting.

It rises in a calmer district in Venice, behind Fondamenta Nuove, beyond the St. Michael island. The inside of this Baroque church is coated in white and green marble, producing a particular effect.

"Il martirio di San Lorenzo" constitutes a true hidden treasure: dating back to 1558, this is one of the last painting by Tiziano before his death.

Another plus of this church is the fact that, being in an isolated position, is little visited, away from the crowd.


Saint Sebastiano Church


Here is another church to absolutely see. Everything inside has been decorated by the famous Renaissance artist Paolo Veronese.

Just beside the church was once a convent, now is the center of the University of Venice, Ca' Foscari.


Church of Carmini

Church of Carmini venice

This interesting church is located behind the great Campo Santa Margherita, a little hidden, and it's part of the ancient Brotherhood of the School of the Carmini.

The origins of the church date back to the XIII century. Among the various artists there are some among the most important Venetian Renaissance painters as Tintoretto, Tintoretto, Lorenzo Lotto, Cima da Conegliano o Palma il Giovane.


Saint Barnaba Church


From the architectural point of view, this church doesn't give so much but deserves a place in this list because has hosted the set for the third episode of the Indiana Jones saga "Indiana Jones and the last crusade" of 1989.

In the movie the church was an imaginary library.


Saint Rocco Church


Just behind Frari Church, it rises this marvelous construction with a completely white facade that at night it is even more beautiful than in full day.

The building of the Great School was almost entirely decorated by Tintoretto. This church is another must see in Venice.

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