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10 Fun facts about Venice
(things that few people know)

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fun facts about venice

Do you believe to know all about Venice?

Here are 10 amusing and eccentric facts that I think you don't know yet.

Take a look and if you know something else comment below so that I'll add it on the list.


Venice and its ghosts

venice ghosts

Leaving Venice and its magic after a weekend or a more extended vacation is hard.

But not only for the tourists!

The spirits of whom once crossed these alleys and bridges of stone and marble seem to have big difficulties to abandon the Serenissima.

What to say of the wandering spirit of Luzzo?

He was a '500 painter that committed suicide for unrequited love of Cecilia, already the lover of the painter Giorgione.

His soul haunts the Casino degli Spiriti and Palazzo Contarini dal Zaffo.

And what about the island of Poveglia?

On which the spirits of the psychiatric hospital's patients are floating around, at least according to the gossips.

And who doesn't know the unfortunate fate that seems to accompany the owners of "Ca' Dario?" 

Leaned out in its shine of marble on the Canal Grande, the building has bewitched many.

And many have purchased it despite the sad reputation to bring adversity to whom resided in it.

All of them have had to face some unexpected cases, from the illness to the financial crash up to the death in some cases. 

Coincidences or the spirits of "Ca' Dario" don't admit any intrusion?

ca dario venice

ca' Dario


The secret gardens

giardini ex reali venice

Giardini Ex Reale

How many gardens are in Venice?

Around 500. A very high number.

In Venice, we usually look for channels, bridges, gondolas but we rarely notice the gardens.

Behind the tall boundaries that often coast along the alleys and the foundations, there are luxuriant gardens hidden to us.

Are we destined to never enter in one of these gardens?

Certainly no!

One of the most beautiful gardens in Venice, open to the public, is located nothing less than near square St. Mark.

The Giardini ex Reali, and it deserves a visit.


and Salizade
the topography in Venice

If you try to ask where it is located, for example, square St. Bartholomew in Venice, everything that you would get, would probably be lost looks in the void.

Not because the Venetians are little polite or don't want to help you, but because in Venice there is only one square, St. Mark.

In Venice exist Campi and Campielli and they don't walk along the alleys but the Calli and the Fondamenta.

Lose in the Venetian toponomastic?

No problem, I am here to help you with a small manual:

calle varisco

Calle Varisco

  • 1
    Square = Campo
  • 2
    Street / Road / Alley = Calla
  • 3
    Avenue = Salizada (only a few roads were paved and they had the honor to been called "salizade")
  • 4
    Branch = Ramo (a small side passage in comparison to the main calla)

A small curiosity, the narrowest Calla of Venice is "calla Varisco" that measure only 53 cm of width.


The bridges in Venice

What to see in Venice in 3 days

Besides the Bridge of Rialto and to the Bridge of the Sospiri that connects Palazzo Ducale to the jails, there are other bridges with unusual names but worthy of note.

Bridge delle Tette (bridge of the Breasts) marked the access to the old red-light district of Venice.

Bridge dei Pugni (Bridge of the Fists) seems it was the preferred place for the challenges among two Venetian groups, Castellotti and Nicolotti.


Venice and the islands

san lazzaro degli armeni island venice

San Lazzaro degli Armeni island

Venice is an unconventional city because it rises on islands.

124 islands connected by bridges.

Once, the bridges were in inferior number and the mean of transport were the gondolas.


Venice and the tides

venice tide

Venice flooded

Water enters and goes out of Venice twice a day through three Bocche di Porto: Lido, Malamocco, and Pellestrina.

An incessant activity of high and low tide that makes to lift and lower the level of the water in the channels.

It takes place 730 times each year.

But Venice is flooded only after heavy rain (see the image).


Cichetti and shades along the channels in Venice

venice cichetti

Venice cichetti

Do you want to live as a true Venetian?

Then from 06:00 pm you must start the rite of the "cichetti" and of the "shades."

The "cichetti" are small snacks, tarts, and various meatballs to taste with a glass of wine, called "Ombra de Vin,"​​​​ (the shades).

Among the best, and characteristic, there are the:

"Sarde in Saor", (sardines in bittersweet).
"Baccalà mantecato", (tender cod) on polenta or on bread.
Meatballs of tuna or meat.

The Venice's wine: 

the Raboso (red), and the Tocai (white).


The dinosaur of Venice

venice dinosaur

Ouranosaurus Nigeriensis skeleton

In Venice, there is a dinosaur.

In the beautiful Palazzo del Fondaco dei Turchi, the center of the "Museum of Natural History" of Venice, there is the whole skeleton of the Ouranosaurus Nigeriensis.

A herbivore long seven meters found in Niger and that lived almost 112 million years ago.


Not at all, the dinosaur is the pet of every child that visit the fascinating rooms of the museum.


Venice and the mummy

How far is Venice from ancient Egypt?

Millennia and thousands of kilometers, you will say.

In the lagoon, there is a mummy, that of Nehmeket.

Given by the ambassador Bolos Bei Iusuf to the monastery of the Armeni, on the island of St. Lazzaro degli Armeni.

A curiosity?

The mummy is in good conditions, so much to be one of the mummies more admired in Europe.



and gondolieri
Only in Venice

squero venice

Venice Squero

Here exist some jobs that are a heritage of Venice.

For example, be a gondolier in some other places that are not the channels of the Serene Republic would be difficult (Las Vegas excluded, but I would say that it is kind of different doing it there).

But it doesn't end here, the list could continue for a long time, but for the moment, I' ll cite only some.

The "impiraresse" were the women that "impiravano" or inserted the colored glass spheres in long rows to make necklaces, bracelets and other.

An activity almost entirely disappeared, today in Venice there are still some "impiraresse."

The "squeraroli" or the "masters of ax" were to bosses of the carpenters' teams responsible of the fleet in Venice.

When this was a maritime power with territories anywhere in the Mediterranean.

The term "squerarolo" derives from "squero" or "laboratory" where he worked to the boats.

Today few have remained of them.

My suggestions for your sojourn in Venice

Do you want to discover everything of Venice and retrace my ten curious stops?

Let me suggest you three structures that unite the attention to the environmental impact but still offer you a dream sojourn in Venice, without nightmares!

In the heart of Venice
Ca' Giustina

It is an apartment eco-friendly in a historical building in the Sestiere of Cannaregio.

The owners fight to make the tourism in Venice more sustainable bringing the cruise ships out of the Lagoon.

Here you'll find a pleasant, complete house of 50 square meters, reachable only with the public transport.

They offer bio-products and natural detergents, reduction gears of flow of the water and a particular attention to the diversified harvest.

Eco Venice

In the Venetian country, in Favaro, there is the Eco Venice, with electricity to 100% from renewable sources, produced for the cleaning echo-friendly and solar panels for the production of the warm water.

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