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How much does a trip to Italy cost

how much does a trip to italy cost
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Quotation for a 2 week trip to Italy

Today I'll try to speak about the costs in Italy, and figure out how much it cost a 2 week trip to Italy.

Looking for info online you could go crazy! Some sites tell you a few things, others something completely different. Everyone reporting their experiences, that's why, today, I'll try to give you a more detailed and objective quotation for a 2 week in Italy.

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Before you go any further, keep in mind that the plug adapters in Italy are different than most of the plug adapters used around the world so make sure to get one. A cheaper one like this will do its work

How much money to bring to Italy?

Well, this questions has no right answers, because it depends on what do you want to do during your vacations.

Are you programming a backpacking round in Italy?

Are you going with your partner for a romantic holiday?

A family trip?

Or are you looking for an all-inclusive holiday?

And there would be countless more questions about it, and depending on the expectations you have prices may vary.

I have researched all the main possibility to give you a broad idea and help you decide on how much money do you need for your trip.

According to a study done by Avanti Travel Insurance the cost of not only travel to Italy, but the travel insurance for mature travellers is one of the main reasons that stops them from making this trip in general. You can read more about this here.

You can also start saving money before leaving booking cheap flights, see this guide.

Cost of trip to Italy


Without doubts is the more important part of your quotation, depending on what you are looking for, the price may vary a lot. The choice is wide, from flat to rent to all-inclusive resorts.

My only real tip is to pay attention when you are booking, avoid hotels with less than 3 stars, read the reviews and book on hotels recommended by others tourists.

To help you enjoy your holiday so that you don't have to worry about anything, I have compiled a list of the best hotels on the more important tourist destinations.

As for the kind of accommodations, you have mainly five options. Prices are per room/day.

- Hotels, in my opinion, the best option. Very comfortables and with different options, from only-breakfast to one or two daily meals. The average cost for a mid-range hotel in Italy is €93 with Venice as the most expensive around €139.

Take a look at the best-recommended hotel's guide.

- Resorts, one of the perks of this kind of accommodation is to enjoy of the commodity and the relax that only a resort can provide. Prices are on the €190 average.

- Bed & Breakfast, pretty much the same to a hotel room but cheaper. As the name suggests you'll only have a breakfast but almost all of the B&B has a shared kitchen, good for making new friends. Prices around €80.

- Hostels, if you are going for a backpacking round this could be the best choice for you. Prices are around €52.

- Flat to rent, a really good option if plan to stay in one location, even better if you are a pair of families or a bunch of friends that can divide the expenses. The prices are the cheapest of the list, €35.

2 weeks quotation in Italy regarding the accommodation only 

  • If you want an all-inclusive holidays in the best resorts: €190 x 14 nights = €2660 or $3267,38
  • A cheaper solution, but with all the commodities, are hotels and B&B: €93 14 nights = €1302 or $1599,30
  • The cheapest solution, for who travel with a backpack are the hostels: €52 x 14 nights = €728 or $894,23
  • What remain are flats to rent, (price is per flat, not per person): €35 x 14 nights = €490 or $601,89

Food and beverage

The second point of your quotation, but also the delicious one since Italy is famous for its food and wines.

Food - Street food is the cheaper option, with around €8 you can get a sandwich and a drink. In a mid-range restaurant, a person can spend around €25/30 with meat dishes, fish dishes are more expensive, €50/60 per person.

Tip: eat outside the tourist zone. In Venice is harder since all the city is a tourist zone!

Beverage - Depending on the location you can buy a bottle of water or a soda from €1.20 to €3. €1.00 is also the average price for a coffee, but in some sought-after zone, bars can charge you a lot more taking advantage of the tourists.

Beer prices in night-clubs and pubs start from €4.50, for others alcohol beverage like whiskey or vodka, prices are a little higher.

Tip: Don’t go out drinking every night. Alcohol is expensive and it will raise your expenses.

2 weeks quotation in Italy regarding food and beverage

  • If you eat mixing up restaurants and street food: €40 x 15 days = €600 or $737
  • A beer every day, 2 to 3 bottles of water and/or soda: €11.50 x 15 days = €172.50 or $211,89


The third part of your quotation, especially if you are going to travel through Italy to see more cities.

I suggest flying only in case you have to travel long distances, like from Venice to Naples or Palermo or Cagliari.

Tip: if you can, buy the tickets in advance to save some money.

Italy internal flights



Price (cheaper)



Rome (Fiumicino)

€ 71


Rome (Fiumicino)

€ 61


Rome (Fiumicino)

€ 42


Rome (Fiumicino)

€ 42

For shorter distances I recommend travel by train, a high-velocity train can take you from Milan to Rome in only 3 hours.

Italy average train prices



Price (cheaper)



€ 38.90



€ 35.90



€ 19.90



€ 16.90

2 weeks quotation in Italy regarding transport

  • Considering that in 2 weeks you can visit 4 cities: around €100 or $122,83
  • Bus and subway in 4 cities (there are 24H or 48H plans in each citiy): around €80 or $98,27

How much does it cost to go to Italy?

So, an indicative budget for a 2-week travel in Italy is the follows.

2 weeks quotation in Italy 

  • If your ideal vacation is all about luxury: resort $3267,38 + eat & drink $1000 + transport $220 = $4487 (usually a resort on the beach offer an all-inclusive plan that which includes launches and dinners, so you can almost eliminate the expenses for eat and drink).
  • A cheaper solution, but with all the commodities, are hotels and B&B: hotels $1599.30 + eat & drink $1000 + transport $220 = $2819.30
  • For a backpacking round: hostels $894.23 + eat & drink $517.50 + transport $220 = $1631.73 (I have cut the eat and rink expenses since if you are traveling with a backpack, you'll probably see more street food than restaurants).
  • Flats: resort $601.89 + eat & drink $400 + transport $100 = $1101.89 (since you'll live in a flat, you'll cook in your kitchen with less dinners at the restaurants, same goes for the transport, you'll probably stay in the city you have picked up).
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