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How to get from venice airport to hotel

Marco Polo airport is located on dry land, at about 10 km from Venice. From the airport, you have different means of transport to reach the island with price rates that go from the very expensive to the cheaper one.

Transport from Venice airport to the hotel

Water Taxi

water taxi venice

An elegant private boat is the most luxurious way to arrive at Venice. It is the best choice in terms of time, because these boats employ around 25 minutes to bring you in the city.

It is also the best way to arrive really in front of the door of your hotel or the nearest possible, according to where the lodging is found.

A private taxi of water is a good choice if you have a lot of suitcases, but also the most expensive. A one-way ticket to the center in Venice costs among the € 110 and € 125.

In the Arrival hall at the airport, you'll find a stand where you can book the water taxi, then take a few steps to the dock afoot. You can also book a water taxi in advance online.

If you want to arrive in front of your hotel, this is the only way. With all the other options you should take another mean or continue afoot from the point in which they left you.

Alilaguna Vaporetto

vaporetto venice

The public transport Alilaguna vaporetto go from the airport to Venice. The cost is of € 15 one way ticket per person, and of € 17 for a round trip.

They are relatively cheap, but the service is slow because they do many stops along the journey from the airport to Saint Mark square.

The boats travel with established schedules, therefore you could have to wait for a little before they leave. The journey from the airport up to Venice can last an hour and a half.

They cost few, but they are not fast. Besides, according to where your hotel is located, you could make the last piece of the journey afoot.

The box-office is in the Arrival Hall at the airport.


atvo venice

These buses, managed by a private society, work as shuttles with comfortable seats and a plentiful luggage van. The journey from the airport to Piazza Roma, the terminal of the buses in Venice, last 20 minutes without intermediary stops. The bus effects three runs each hour and the cost of a single run is of € 6 per person.

From Piazza Roma you have different choices, take the vaporetto, rent a private water taxi, or continue afoot. You can purchase the tickets from the automatic distributor that you find at the stop of the bus, just out of the airport.



actv venice

The bus number 5 goes from the airport to Piazza Roma, the terminal of the buses to Venice. It does many stops, the trip last around 35 minutes.

It's like a typical city bus, full of passengers, that does quite a lot stops along the journey. These buses are orange or whites and greens, not to confuse with those ATVOs. It is possible to purchase the tickets from the tobacconist located at the Arrival Hall of the airport.

The water bus stops in Venice at San Marco, Rialto, Fondamenta Nuove and Le Guglie.

Journey time: F. Nove (38 minutes), Lido (58 minutes), San Marco (1 hour and 12 minutes), Rialto (57 minutes), Guglie (42 minutes)

Complete information on the water transport:



taxi venice

The authorized taxis are available near the airport in Venice and they'll stop at Piazza Roma that is the terminal of whatever motor mean that enters or goes out of Venice.

The parking place of the taxis is found really in front of the airport. A run usually costs around € 35-€40 and the journey it lasts around 25 minutes.

This is the most convenient choice, it avoids you to wait for buses or boats, and there is no need to reach the dock. Don't forget that if you choose to reach the center of Venice in Taxi, you can reach Piazza Roma. From there you must take a vaporetto or continue to the hotel afoot.

Taxi Service is provided by Cooperativa Artigiana Radiotaxi. Info & reservations: tel. 041 59 64 (24h service).

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