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Review of Italian Translator & Dictionary
by VidaLingua

vidalingua app

Going to Italy but don't know how to communicate? Don't worry, download Italian Translator & Dictionary for free on your iPhone or Android!

English is a universal language, in theory, the truth is that is not so.

Especially in Italy where the majority of people don't speak English, at least not at a reasonable level.

So, what can you do?

Try a free app like Vidalingua, I have used it for a few days and it has all you need for your Italian vacation.

Let's see this app in details.

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The app starts from the dictionary, a series of words put in alphabetical order with a search field, useful if you already know what to search.

Click on one of those first words to see what happen. I'll try "abandon."

The dictionary is well done, with the different meanings and lots of practical examples.

Clicking on a word or a phrase you can hear the pronounce, really helpful if you are trying to speak with an Italian.


The hamburger menu

In the hamburger menu, you'll find:

the dictionary


We have already seen the dictionary, what about the phrases?

For who is on vacation this is probably the best section of the app, it contains all the main colloquial phrases divided into different situations.

Like eating out, transport, shopping, flirt, services, and more.



It is exactly what you are thinking, a long list of verbs with their conjugations.


The quiz

You are in the airport waiting for your flight, a little annoyed?

Try the quiz to learn new words.



Another section where you can learn new random words, hear the pronounce, and spend some time.



This a classic, write down a phrase and get it translated.

But it has the same defects that all the translator have, it doesn't understand the context. Especially when you use words that have multiple meaning.

When I put this phrase in Italian, "Che buona questa pesca" that means "How good is this peach" the translator give me back "how good this fishing."

That's why in Italian:
Pesca = Peach
Pesca = Fishing

You can use the translator, but only for simple phrases, don't try anything complicated.



In conclusion, this is the perfect app, it is simple and has all you need, and remember that is Free.

If you want more from Vidalingua, there is the premium version.
With a bigger vocabulary (731.701 words).
A bigger verbs conjugator (6658 verbs).
A wider phrase book (264 phrases).
You can add your words to the dictionary.
No Ads.

The cost is just $4.99 per year.

You can download Vidalingua both for iPhone and Android

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