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8 Things Not To Miss

When Packing for Italy in summer

packing for italy in summer

Guest Post by James Graham.​​​​

If you have come across this article chances are that you plan to go to Italy this summer and need advice about what to pack and what not to pack.

While the things listed below are useful no matter where you plan to go, I will be focusing on Italy.

Italy is a place filled with culture and architecture, famous for its traveling sites and the aura that it offers. While hundreds of reasons can be listed for you to visit Italy, here are a few of the best reasons to do so.

Research shows that Italy is one of the most popular places to visit and is one of the first ten things to do on a lot of people’s bucket list.

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Who doesn’t want to visit the Colosseum in Rome? If you have read any of Dan Browns novels, chances are that you have already had a tour to the Vatican through his writings and had a wonderful time.
However, visiting it for real will take your breath away.

Apart from Rome and the Vatican, Florence and Venice are also fantastic places that you should visit if you get a chance.

My first exposure to Italy was through Dan Brown’s writing situated in Florence, the Vatican, and Venice. The readings were a piece of art and visiting Italy and looking at everything he wrote about gave me literal Goosebumps and sent chills down my spine.

Visiting Italy in Summer

One thing you should keep in mind is the season that you are going to visit Italy in. A lot of people often don’t plan to go to Italy because they think that it is going to take up a lot of money. However, that is not necessary. All you have to do is act smart and find places that give you an authentic experience and don’t charge way too much.

If you go during the tourist season, you are bound to pay hefty sums of money at every other place; nevertheless, if you go during the off-season or the shoulder season, you won’t have to spend as much. Here listed below are 8 things you should not miss while you are packing for your summer vacation in Italy.

1. A reasonable wardrobe

The first thing that you are going to be packing is your clothes. Although I know while planning vacations we try to think of ourselves in new outfits every day and think about all the cool pictures we can take. The reality is that we cannot take more than a specific weight of luggage.

This means that either you pack smartly or you are ready to say goodbye to some of your cute outfits or other essentials at the airport.

You should pack a minimalistic wardrobe for your trip to Italy. Minimalistic does not mean that you should not pack good and fashionable outfits, it means packing items that can be paired against each other in such a manner that they look like a new outfit every time you wear it and you don’t have to clutter your bag.

While traveling in Italy, you should pack conservatively yet fashionable. Some historic sites and churches don’t let women or men inside if you aren't appropriately covered.

So you should keep a shawl or a shirt with long sleeves in your bag just in case. Not being able to go inside and being turned around will be very embarrassing.

If you plan on visiting the beautiful beaches of Italy, then it is necessary that you pack your bathing suit. But remember, it is only for the beach.
Another thing you should keep in mind is to make comfort your very first priority.

Packing one pair of heels to enjoy the nightlife is enough. Pack shoes that are comfortable and that don’t make your feet sore as you will have to walk a lot.

Don’t keep expensive accessories with you while traveling and dress according to the common tradition. If you dress like a tourist, it is equivalent of having a bulls-eye mark on your back for pocket pickers.

2. Entertainment options

While traveling abroad, you should always have your entertainment options. If you’re an avid reader and want to read while traveling, you should pack a few books.

However, you should be realistic about your goal, packing ten to fifteen books will only take up your space. If you think that you can read more than one or two books, you should download them on Kindle or your phone.

This way you can save yourself the trouble of taking a few books out at the airport.


You should also have your playlist that you want to listen to during all the traveling. Apart from books and music, you should also download a few movies that you’ve been waiting to watch but haven’t got the time yet.

While many people say you go outside and enjoy the surroundings, it’s okay if you want to stay in one day, order some food and binge watch movies.

3. Keep toiletries and makeup to a minimum

Packing all your toiletries and makeup is a big mistake because all it does is take up a lot of space.

Before making reservations at a hotel, you should ask them if they have complimentary toiletries and if they do you should leave everything behind unless you use some medicated products, in that case, it is better to take them with you. Remember to keep a hand sanitizer with you at all times. 


Apart from toiletries, you should also take a minimum amount of makeup with you when you travel and make sure to pack it in a plastic Ziploc, so it doesn’t leak and ruin your clothes. 

You should be practical while packing makeup since you don’t use everything in your daily routine; it is better to keep the thing that you will need daily.

4. First aid box

I'm sure you’ve heard the saying, better safe than sorry. Well, that is something you should keep in mind while traveling anywhere but even more so when you're going abroad to a country where you don’t even know their language. You should keep a few bandages and medicines that you frequently use, or get a travel insurance.

You never know when you might get a headache so keeping pain killers is also necessary. 

first aid box

Coming to Italy in summer means that you should also keep mosquito repellent with you at all time.

If you are naturally challenged and you have a tactical dog to assist you should also keep your dog’s medication and harness just in case you plan on traveling long distances, look up for the best ones here.

5. Documentation


One of the most important things that you should keep with yourself is documentation. In a foreign country your passport, visa, and insurance should be your most prized possession.

If you lose them or they get stolen somehow, you will have to go through extensive processes to get them back, and it will require extra money too.

Apart from passports and visas, you should also keep your medical prescription with you especially of your carrying prescribed medicine. You never know when it might come in handy, and it’s better to be prepared than sit in an office and answer loads of questions.

6. Electronics

You should also pack your electronics as you may never know when the need may arise. You should also keep in mind that the plug adapters in Italy are different than most of the plug adapters used around the world so make sure you pack that if want to charge your laptop or other devices at your hotel later on.

Keeping your phone charged is also a necessity nowadays. You should also pack a power bank that can keep your device charged for an extended amount of time.

Especially if you have an activity planned and you plan to stay out the whole day or even spend the night in the outdoors.

7. A travel guide

If it’s your first time traveling to Italy, you should keep a travel guide with you at all time. It can be a book with all the necessary information, or you can hire a person who lives there and knows about the various sites and can give you a wholesome experience.

It is reasonably better to hire a travel guide as he can tell you about specific rules and regulations that you can follow to avoid embarrassing situations.

He can also advise about how to dress in Italy as certain places such as the Vatican requires conservative dressing within the country.

8. An umbrella

Another thing that you should pack before going to Italy is an umbrella. Italy is a subtropical region, and that means that it can rain at any time. You should keep an umbrella and save yourself some money as you know that local vendors can ask for more money when they see that you are in dire need.

If you pack the items mentioned above, you will surely have a much easier time adjusting in this new environment. Just try not to stand out as it can make you an obvious target for pocket pickers and don’t carry valuable items with you.

I haven’t had such an experience while traveling around Italy but I have heard about it. It is better to pay heed to what others say rather than having a bad experience of your own.

About the Author:
James Graham is a digital nomad who is obsessed with travel and all outdoor activities. In his free time, he likes to hunt and explore new places. You can read his blogs at https://tacticalpeak.com/category/blog/.

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