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Public transportation in Florence Italy

public transportation in florence italy

Public Transportation in Florence Italy quick tips.

If possible, better parking out of the center and then reach Santa Maria Novella with the public transportation: bus, tram, train or bus.

Once in the center go preferably afoot or in bicycle: there are so many details in Florence that should not be missed.

If you want to arrive at the center in auto, remember that for the parking lot payment is required (and generally expensive). And the traffic wardens are overzealous.

Getting around in Florence with the public transportation

The public transport inside Florence works discreetly well. To get around the city you can use buses, the trams, the trains (there are a lot of smaller stations inside Florence and they are faster than the other means).

However, there are not many night-times buses, and if you intend to use them you'll have to get info in advance. The majority of the buses stop near the station of Santa Maria Novella.

In some cases, you can consider using the train to move from Santa Maria Novella to Campo di Marte (it takes 8 minutes, instead of 30 minutes with the buses, due to the traffic) or from Saint Maria Novella to Rifredi (less than 5 minutes).

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Getting around in Florence with a car

Visit Florence with a car can be nerve-racking unless you follow some tricks. As a tourist you have three choices: leave the car in the center's neighboring zones (and then use a public mean), or leave it in a paying parking lot of the center, or choose a hotel with a private parking lot.

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Getting around in Florence with a bike

florence bike

The center of Florence is perfect to be visited both afoot and with a bicycle. You can rent it for the whole duration of your vacation, or for few hours.

Florence has plenty of bike lanes, through which it is possible to visit the center in total safety.

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Arrive in Florence by train

florence train station

The main train stations in Florence is Santa Maria Novella, that is at few minutes from the Cathedral, from the main tourist attractions and Campo di Marte.

Other smaller stations in Florence (useful at times for getting around inside the city) are:

Rifredi, next to the hospital Careggi and to the new university district.
Porta al Prato, next to the Leopolda Station, to the park of the Cascine and the park of the Music and the Culture.
Statuto, near Fortezza da Basso.

Visit Florence afoot

walking florence

Florence is a city that has been structured since the medieval: this means that is full of little alleys and magnificent sights. Besides, the center is interdict to the traffic.

And visit it afoot is a pleasure, the majority of the monuments are few minutes to each other and departing from any of them, you can easily visit others 3 or 4 situated a few minutes away.

A suggestion, walk looking up. Not rarely, you will see buildings, sixteenth-century balconies, gothic architectures, or other small unique details.

Walking will allow you to take you your time, to taste the details, to leave the surprise comes to you without stunning you.

Is not a case that Florence is defined as a sky open museum.

You can divide the various itineraries in so many stops: not only among the different monuments but also among the various routes devoted to the shopping.

Last tips

Florence is a city that can be visited afoot. All the places of great interest are assembled in the historical center, therefore each a few hundred meters from one another.

When you book a hotel in Florence I suggest you check in advance if it owns a private parking lot (if you have a car).

If you arrive in Florence by train or airplane, there are no problems, the public means are really efficient. The only flaw is that in some cases they end the service at midnight.

There are obviously night-time buses but they are definitely few. The cabs, late at night, are rare enough too.

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