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Rome Fiumicino airport transfers (info about airport shops)

rome fiumicino airport transfers

The Fiumicino is the main airport of both Rome and Italy, it's easily connected with Rome central station Termini, the ride lasts about 30 minutes.

The airport has three terminal and incorporates banks, coffee shops, restaurants, and shops.

Internal flights depart from Terminal A, internal and international flights from Terminal B, while intercontinental flights depart from Terminal C.

Arrival at the Fiumicino airport

The moment you get off the airplane I recommend you to address as soon as possible the immigration zone with a passport and a visa

Depending on your nationality you may need both, one, or only your ID. In addition, you must keep the form you filled on the airplane.

Waiting for your baggage

Once passed the immigration control at the airport, it's the moment to pick up your baggage. I hate to say it but the average waiting time in Fiumicino is long, if you are very lucky it can take about 20 minutes, but usually, it took from 30 to 45 minutes.

Currencies exchange

It is advisable to change your money for the trip in some of the ATMs.

Do a tour of Fiumicino airport

Fiumicino airport offers plenty of opportunities to kill time. Shops, restaurants, and coffee shops of any kind.

200 restaurants where you can eat Italian food, shops where you can buy made in Italy brands, perfumes, cosmetics, wine, liquors, tobacco, chocolate, and the Italian food specialties.

At the end of your holidays, if you are leaving for a non-UE country, your purchases on apparel and fashion accessories will be tax-free, a 22% off compared to downtown.

Transfer from Rome airport to the city


From the train station, located within the airport area, you can easily go to central Rome.

- The Leonardo Express from/to Rome Termini has departures every 15 minutes, the ride lasts 30 minutes.

- Regional trains from/to other stations and Roma Tiburtina has departures every 15 minutes on weekdays and every 30 minutes on public holidays.


The scheduled bus stops are opposite Terminal 2, Arrivals. To reach them follow the “Regional Bus Station” signs.

Bus stop in Rome locations:
Piazza dei Cinquecento (opposite the Museo Nazionale Romano)
• Rome Tiburtina Railway Station
• Cornelia Station, underground Line A
• Eur-Magliana Station, Line B
• Ostia - Piazza Sirio
• Ostia - Piazza Stazione

Tickets can be purchased at sales points such newsstands, tobacconists, etc.

Sit bus shuttle

The buses stop at the BUS hub adjacent to the Terminal 3 exits - arrivals. Bus rank no. 5. To reach them follow the “Regional Bus Station” signs.

Bus shuttle stop in Rome:
Termini Station (Via Marsala)
Vatican area (Via Crescenzio no. 2)

Or you could rent a car!

A solution and probably the better and that will give you the freedom to visit all the city with its surroundings without having to wait for buses or trains is to rent a car.

One of the best options is Rentalcars Connect, a partner of, where the quality of the service is at the first place.


Taxi service is available at Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 Arrival areas.

Fixed fares are as follows:
• Rome city center (within the Aurelian Walls): € 48,00
• Magliana - Parco dei Medici: € 30,00
• New Rome Fair: € 25,00
• Ciampino airport: € 50,00
• Tiburtina Station: € 55,00
• Ostiense Station: € 45,00
• Civitavecchia Porto: € 120,00


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