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Tell me something you associate with Rome
(not the best monument guide!)

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tell me something you associate with Rome

Once someone asked me, "tell me something you associate with Rome".

Dear tourists coming to Rome, pushed by the desire to lose yourself under the sun that sets behind the Cupolone (San Pietro's Dome), with the pockets full of coins to throw inside the Fountain of Trevi, rigorously with the eyes shut giving it the back. Looking for taste the true Roman cuisine, this post is for you all!

Are you ready to transform you, for one day, week or of a month in a true Roman, to put you in the shoes of whom live and survive in this city?

The motto "in Rome do as the Romans" could not be truer: if you want to discover the great heart of the city, its angles where time is blocked, to enter its history and make it also yours, here what you have to do.

These tips can seriously be useful to blend in with its citizens that, despite all of its defects, love it with the same passion of a person in love.

1. Er Bongiorno (the Good Morning)

The best way to begin your day as a "true Roman" is to stop at a cafe to have breakfast.

You won't find yourself alone!

Romans love to begin the day tasting an espresso coffee or a cappuccino accompanied by a croissant.

Attention: unless you don't want an eclair, in Rome the brioche is always and only a croissant, never "pastries."

And the true Roman breakfast is at the bar, the tables are for the appetizer and the half-morning chatters.

morning breakfast

2. Drink water from the Big Nose

The water in Rome is good, fresh, tasty.

One of the best waters in Italy, for how much could be unbelievable.

And it is available to all the thirsty in those cast-iron funny columns, with a leaning beak (from which the nickname of "Big Nose").

They are everywhere, in the center as in the outskirts.

Bring with you of a plastic bottle, and take advantage of it as all Romans do.

fontanella romana

3. Pizza and Mortadella at lunch

The street food in Rome is a tradition: supplì, dried cod, sandwich with roast pig.

Poor food, once the prerogative of the workers, today elevated to fashion food.

But nothing beats "pizza with mortadella".

Any grocery will instantly prepare your lunch "on the road": a beautiful slice of white pizza, crisp under, soft above, and with some grain of salt to give it character, stuffed with a pair of mortadella slices cut at the moment. Um, don't you already feel the perfume?

4. Coffee is a rite with three C

If the morning the breakfast calls in the Romans at the cafes, as it happens after lunch, in the afternoon and finally after dinner.

Rome, a city of caffeine addicts.

Not without reason in its territory, there are numerous roasting activities of good level, with mixtures of coffee coming from every part of the world.

Castroni, la Tazza d’Oro, Sant’Eustachio are only some of the most famous Cafes of the historical center.

Remember that, the morning coffee is "drink-and-run away" (usually to work), the following have the right to the Three C: the perfect coffee is "Comodo, Caldo e in Compagnia" (comfortable, warm and to take in company).

5. To get around take the Tramme

The Tramme or tram as it would be more correct.

The public transport of Rome is capillary even though chaotic, the frequency of the means a lost bet, the overcrowding of bus, subway and tram, a constant.

But it is the only salvation for who wants to get around the city spending less and in a relatively little time.

Among one-way systems, ZTL zones, opened and closed passages, drive in the city with a car is a nightmare. 

tram 19 rome

There are the cabs but they cost, I recommend them only in case of necessity or for brief journeys. 

If you want to observe the city from unusual perspectives, you should climb on the tram 19 at the terminal of Centocelle or Piazza Risorgimento and make you drive around.

With a run of more than an hour and a half, along the roads that connect the districts of the ethnic Rome with the elegant streets of the residential neighborhoods, passing close to the archaeological parks, to the Cemetery of Verano, to Villa Borghese and the Parioli, passing along the Zoo and the National Gallery of modern art, passing the thin Tevere to arrive at just a few step from the Vatican.

6. Don't be stingy, give the tip

In Rome, the tip is a tradition.

Some Euro to rounding up the total, without complex calculations as you would do in USA, to the taxi driver that brings you to the hotel, at the barber shop.

But especially, it must be given to whom works behind the bar: 10-20 cents (at least and, please, forget the copper coins!).

It will grant you smiles, great attention, some small unexpected benefit like the additional dusting of cocoa on the cappuccino.

7 Walk, but don't get tired

The dimensions in Rome must not be taken lightly, even the more trained long-distance runner risks to be weakened if it doesn't consider well the distances between the different neighborhoods of Rome.

It is impossible to see it only afoot, the enthusiasm could make ugly jokes.

Rome must be strolled, the slow rhythm allows to discover details and photographic angles, to sniff the perfumes that arrive from the ovens.

Rome should be eaten with small bites, one neighborhood at a time, without hurry, stopping every now and then to rest sitting on the benches, entering the museums, in the baroque churches.

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