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Turin Italy points of interest

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turin italy points of interest

Among the many beautiful Italian cities, Turin certainly deserves a special place for its artistic and architectural beauties and for the significant and centenary history that you can admire in its large squares, in the streets, in the churches, and museums.

Turin is a city with a thousand facets: it was the ancient capital of the Savoy kingdom, the cradle of the Risorgimento, and the theatre of main historical events for Italy, an industrial city that has been able to reinvent itself, an innovation center, and a city of artistic and cultural experimentation.

If you come to Turin for the first time and want to pick up some of the soul of the Piedmontese capital I recommend at least 15 things to see. Among art, history, culture, and gastronomy.

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Now let's start our tour and see which are the Turin points of interest.


Mole Antonelliana and the Cinema Museum

mole antonelliana

Mole Antonelliana

The beautiful building designed by Antonelli is undoubtedly the symbol of Turin par excellence. La Mole, which stands out in the panorama of the city, also houses the National Cinema Museum, one of the most visited in Turin and the only example of a museum dedicated to this form of art in Italy.

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The Egyptian Museum

Egyptian Museum turin

Egyptian Museum

The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Turin, housed in the seventeenth-century building of the Accademia delle Scienze, is the most famous Egyptian Museum in the world after Cairo.

There are exhibited about 6,500 finds among statues, sarcophagi, funeral goods, mummies, papyrus, amulets, jewels. An immense treasure to see and discover the history and mysteries of this ancient civilization.

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The Chapel of the Shroud


Chapel of Holy Shroud

Reopened in September 2018 after the long restoration, the Chapel of the Shroud of Turin is definitely one of the things to see in the Piedmontese capital.

The baroque masterpiece of Guarino Guarini, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997, is a jewel with its precious black marble, the beautiful arches, the pillars, the light games, the statues, the bronze capitals with the symbols of the Passion…

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Valentino Park and the Medieval Village

Valentino Park

Valentino Park

During a visit to Turin, you can not miss a walk in the Valentino, the biggest park of the city. Inside, you will find numerous statues, fountains (such as the beautiful Fountain of 12 months), gardens and then, of course, the Medieval Village of Valentino, a stunning nineteenth-century reproduction of a small village of the fifteenth century.

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Royal Museums

royal museums

Royal museums

The Royal Museums of Turin are one of the most famous attractions of the Piedmontese capital. On an area of more than 3,000 meters, there is a path into the history of Turin, Italy, and the world.

Inside they host the Royal Armory, Royal Library, Royal Palace, Sabauda Gallery, Archaeological Museum, Royal Gardens, and the Chiablese Rooms.

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The Church of the Consolata

consolata church

Consolata church

The Sanctuary of the Consolata, also known as the Church of Santa Maria della Consolazione, is undoubtedly one of the religious buildings to see in Turin.

The building dates back to the early Christian era. The church was then enlarged and modified in the centuries until the eighteenth century when Filippo Juvarra made numerous changes to adapt it to the baroque style of the era.

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The historic cafes

historic cafè


If you are in Turin for a few days, you can not miss a stop in one of the historic cafes of the city, the old nineteenth-century places where you can taste typical delicacies.

You can taste, among antique mirrors, boiserie, satin tapestries, elegant candlesticks, and porcelain dishes, some of the specialties of Turin and take a little trip through time.


Piazza San Carlo

san carlo square

San Carlo square

Turin is famous for its many beautiful squares on which overlook monuments, attractions, and historic buildings. One of the most impressive is definitely Piazza San Carlo, not by chance nicknamed "the drawing room of Torino."

On the square, rectangular in shape, there are still many places of interest: in the center there is an equestrian statue of Emanuele Filiberto, while on the south side of the square there are two twin churches in baroque style, that of Santa Cristina built in 1639, and that of San Carlo built in 1619.

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The Basilica of Superga

basilica superga

Basilica of Superga

The majestic Basilica of Superga, work of the famous baroque architect Filippo Juvarra, stands on the top of a hill, from which it takes its name, and its particular beauty captures the attention of anyone who crosses its gaze.

Impossible to come to Turin and not go to see this masterpiece and admire the splendid dome from the late baroque style.

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Piazza Castello

Piazza Castello

Piazza Castello

The heart of the city in the past and today, Piazza Castello is Turin's second largest square. Surrounded on three of its four sides by the famous and characteristic arcades of Turin.

It overlooks some of the Turin attractions:

  • the Royal Palace, located in the center of the square
  • the Teatro Regio, one of the most famous opera theatres in Italy
  • Palazzo Madama, which was the seat of the Subalpine Senate the Real Chiesa di San Lorenzo, where the Holy Shroud, which had just arrived in Turin, was hosted for a period

In short, a concentration of history and unique beauty.


The Cathedral

turin cathedral

Turin cathedral

Among the various religious buildings of the city, the Cathedral is one of those to absolutely visit. This is the only church in Renaissance style of the Piedmontese town.

During the '600, the Cathedral has been widened for allowing to preserve at the best the Sacred Shroud. The Chapel, with its circular plant, commissioned to Guarini by Emanuele Filiberto of Savoia, safeguard the sacred sheet.


Palazzo Madama

Palazzo Madama

Palazzo Madama

Located in Piazza Castello, Palazzo Madama boasts a secular and glorious history, and it is one of the most representative buildings in Piedmont. The architectural site is a UNESCO heritage of humanity, and it houses the Civic Museum of ancient art.


Regina's villa

Regina's villa Turin

Regina's villa Turin

On the hill in Turin, it is located this magnificent seventeenth-century villa that has been for centuries the residence of a lot of sovereigns (from here the name Regina that means Queen).

The residence hosts numerous cloths of artists as Daniel Seiter and Giovanni Battista Crostato, and the beautiful Chinese bathrooms in lacquered and gilded wood.

Outside, instead, there is an Italian garden, shaped like an amphitheater.


The Gallerie Coperte

The Gallerie Coperte

The Gallerie Coperte

The Gallerie Coperte is a must-see. The fascinating galleries that recall the typical "passages" of Paris are just "passages" among the buildings.

Covered by glasses that allow the light of the sun to illuminate the beautiful insides, the galleries are an architectural curiosity that belongs to the history of Turin.

The galleries in Turin are three: the Gallery Subalpina, the Gallery Umberto I and the Gallery San Federico.


Museums in Turin

Museums in Turin

Museums in Turin

Besides the main and more known museums (see above), Turin hosts other institutions to see.

Among the museums there are:

  • the GAM, Gallery of Modern and Contemporary art that often entertains famous shows
  • the MAUTO, Museum of the automobile with its appreciate and rare cars
  • the MAO, Museum of Oriental art where you can discover distant and millennial civilizations
  • Chamber, Italian Center for the Photo that hosts entertaining photographic shows

I hope you liked this little guide on what to see in Turin, if you are now curious about this city here you'll find our article with the best hotels of Turin.

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