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Venice, Apartment for rent vs Hotels
what is best for you?

venice apartments for rent vs hotels

Usually, when one is planning a vacation to Venice, it is almost automatic thinking to stay in a hotel. A hotel is easy to find and book, especially in the famous tourist destinations, each with price, position, and different services to satisfy the demands of all the tourists.

But have you ever considered the idea to spend your vacation in Venice in an apartment? If you are planning to stay for an enough long period, renting an apartment will allow you to save on the costs and to dive into the local culture completely.

I have already written an article about how much it costs a vacation in Italy and Venice is one of the more expensive cities, you can read the article to know more about it.

Let me help you understand what is better for you between apartments and hotels, to help you make the better choice I have analyzed the positive and negative aspects of both alternatives.

The advantages of renting an apartment

rialto venice-apartment-1

One of the apartments of


Lodging in an apartment can considerably reduce the costs of your vacation. First of all the price of an apartment is generally inferior to that of a hotel.

The rent can vary due to the period, the square meters, the quality, and the location of the apartment, but in general, it always allows to save money in comparison to a hotel, especially if you are a family, two couples or a group of people.

Dividing the cost of the apartment among the components of the group you will always spend less than booking two or three rooms in a hotel.

The vacation houses offer then a series of services that will allow you to save even more:
according to the type of lodging, you will be able to use the washing machine, the kitchen, free wi-fi and TV.

In this way, you will save on the cost of the meals because you can shop (maybe some fresh fish in the local markets) and cook as you were at home.

Think also about the advantages in terms of time, you don't have to drive around Venice looking for an automatic laundromat!

Various typologies

There are various typologies of apartments for rent, each of them can give you a unique and unforgettable experience:
With a view on the Canal;
Near Piazza San Marco;
With Terrace;
In the best neighborhoods like Castello, Cannaregio, Dorsoduro;

Space, privacy, and timetable

Rent an apartment is undoubtedly beneficial in terms of space and privacy. A house offers a bigger number of environments and more space in comparison to the room of a hotel.

For who of you that must work, even if in vacation, can do it comfortably sat on the couch, in the kitchen or the porch without being forced to be huddled up on the bed or sat to a small desk in a hotel room.

You can taste moments of total freedom, like having breakfast in pajamas ( very appreciated by parents that don't have to waste time dressing the babies).

Having two or more bedrooms will allow the parents not to be forced to sleep at the same time and in the same bed of their children; after having put them in bed, they can stay awake looking the tv or chatting. If the children are big enough, the parents can let them dine alone in the apartment and book a table for two in a romantic restaurant.

Consider also the advantage to not have any timetable, while in the hotel you have to respect some schedules, as for breakfast or the service of housekeeping, in an apartment you can do everything as you please.


Who loves to stand over the stoves will be happy to have an equipped kitchen; certainly today also the hostels and Bed&Brakfast have a shared kitchen for the clients, but you will have to divide the spaces with other guests, and you will have limited equipment.

In an apartment, you can prepare your preferred recipes or venture in the preparation of local dishes. Don't forget that you will have the possibility to directly purchase the typical fresh products to the market or the supermarket.

The local culture

If you want to try living like a Venetian and bathe in the local culture the apartment is the ideal solution. You will have the possibility to do shopping in the small shops in the district, try the cafeteria next to your house where the inhabitants usually go, therefore, to live as one of them.

How to book an apartment in Venice

If you Google a little there are a lot of options, but the one that I personally use when heading to Venice is Venice Apartments Italy.

They are the agency with more holidays apartments in Venice, and they offer interesting services too:

Local Assistance in Venice and Telephone Assistance, they have an excellent customer service, call Eugenia (the booking manager), she will answer even on Sunday!

Best Price guaranteed;

Free Cancellation;

If you want you can even add travel insurance;

Here an example of the apartments they have, this one is just at a five-minute walk from the Rialto Bridge and less than ten minutes from St. Mark square. Spread over an area of 80 square meters, fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom with shower, air conditioning and Wi-Fi. Under the house, without crossing any bridge, you will find a supermarket, newsagent, bar, restaurant, and a bakery.

Rialto venice-apartment-

Apartment near Rialto Bridge and planimetry

rialto bridge apartment

The advantages of the hotel


Hotels often offer a better position in comparison to the apartment: they are generally located in the tourist zones and next to the stops of Vaporetto that allow you to visit more quickly the city.

The tourist zones of the cities are usually beside the most lively places in the evening like discos and theaters. If you love the nightlife, it is advisable to choose a hotel.

Duration of the stay

Choosing between an apartment and a hotel you have to consider the length of your stay: a lot of agencies or owners would not be able to rent you a house vacation for periods inferior a week. Keep in mind that the apartment requires more time to make the check in and to settle: in most cases, you must meet with the owner or go to the agency to get the keys and all the necessary information about the apartment.

I recommend you, therefore, to consider the rent of an apartment in case you plan to stay at least 5 or more days, while in the case of a brief stay opt for the hotel.

Services and assistance

If you are the kind of traveler that in vacation loves "to do nothing," or if you prefer to have someone will make your bed and do all the cleanings, if you hate to cook, in this case, it is preferable to choose the hotel.

A hotel can offer you a spa, or a gym, a pool. Hardly an apartment can give you those things.

Finally, there is who prefers the hotel because, not being an experienced traveler or don't knowing the local language, he feels more "safe" in an organized structure, where for any information, problem or for just booking a tour or a taxi can ask for assistance to the hotel personnel.

Booking Last Minute

Choosing an apartment requires more effort and time in comparison to a hotel and looking for last minute deals you'll risk having few options among which to choose.


It doesn't exist the best solution between an apartment and a hotel. It all depends on you and on what kind of tourist you are. If you have a preference for a cheaper trip, to contact with the local culture, the apartment is the best solution for you, while if you want a vacation in which to be 'cuddled' among room services and restaurants opt for a hotel.

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