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Where to shop in Rome
(the complete guide)

where to shop in rome

Where to shop in Rome? Well, this city is not only the heart of the Italian culture but when it comes to fashion it's second to none (well, maybe Milan is a better choice for the shopping).

The streets of Rome where you can find big brands or more cheaper ones are numerous. From the center to the outskirts, you'll only have the spoilt for choice.

I have picked up for you 10 of the best Rome shopping street, the perfect guide for your purchases.

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Best places to shop in rome


The streets of the Trident - via Condotti, via Borgognona, and via Frattina

Via Condotti, via Borgognona, and via Frattina form part of the famous Trident. These streets are in the vicinity of the Spanish Steps and are known as the most expensive streets of Rome.

Bulgari, Armani, Hermes, Tiffany, and Versace are only some of the big brands who have chosen this location to open their store.

Several are also the jewelry concentrated in this area. Usually, only the tourists make shopping here, while the locals prefer less crowded places.

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Via del Corso

via del corso rome

Over 1.5 Km of shops for all budgets right in the center of Rome, this is via del Corso, one of the most commercial streets of the capital.

Easy to reach with the public transport but almost impossible to get there with the car! It stretches from Piazza Venezia to Piazza del Popolo.

At the center, there is the Galleria Alberto Sordi, a big shopping mall. In the weekends and during the sales period, is crowded with tourists and Roman looking for new stuff.


Via del Campo Marzio

campo marzio rome

Still in the center of the city, you can't avoid taking a walk between the boutique of Campo Marzio, a parallel street of via del Corso.

This street is full of elegant and fancy shops, but also known for lovers of antiques and household goods.

This street offers more than merely shopping, here you can admire old buildings like Palazzo Borghese e Palazzo Farnese, or you can rest a little from your walk in the little square "Piazzetta Sant'Eustachio".


Via del Pellegrino

Via del Pellegrino used to be called via degli Orafi (goldsmiths), to indicate how many of them were located here. Nowadays, the majority of those small workshops have been substituted by modern shops.

Even so, there is still a raw atmosphere. It's not so hard to find handmade, artisanal items, footwear, bags, and clothes.


Via del Boschetto

In Monti district's main street is possible to buy alternative clothes and accessories, with really affordable prices. A tour in this area is a must do.


Via Cola di Rienzo

Not so far from the Vatican City, you can find another important commerce street, in the Prati district. There are so many and different shops that for many is the new Corso.

Not only clothing but also household goods, novelties, accessories.


Via del Governo Vecchio

Via del Governo Vecchio is situated near Piazza Navona, if you are looking for antiques this is your place!

You'll find old and modern shops side by side, or even 60' and 70' clothing style.

An asset of this street is that is still unknown to tourists, perfect for a walk without the chaos.

If you are involved with movies and/or a collector, don't miss Altroquando, an old library specialized in cinema, here you can buy screenplays, posters.


Viale Guglielmo Marconi

Located in the Portuense district, near Trastevere, presents a wide choice of stuff. It's perfect if you are booked in the southern part of the city.

If you want to avoid the big crowd, this is the place. The majority of the shops are in Piazza della Radio and Ponte Marconi.

Not only clothes but also household appliances, sports gear.


Via Appia Nuova

In the heart of San Giovanni district, via Appia Nuova is full of every kind of shops. The section of the road that interests you is between Piazzale Appio and Largo dei Colli Albani.

Every morning and in the working days you can't lose the characteristic neighborhood market in Via Sannio. Where if you are good at it, you can make real deals.


Via Tuscolana

Via Tuscolana it's probably the most low-cost shopping street in Rome. If you want to save some money, take a walk here, easily reachable with the subway, line A.

Other than hundreds of shops, there is also a big shopping mall called "Cinecittà 2".

All the Rome shopping mall
(and what I think about it)

The shopping malls, the realms of the shopping. After addressing the top shopping streets, I'll take you at the discovery of 4 of the best shopping mall in Rome.

Lately in Rome, is very popular the mega mall format. So much that every new opening sets a new record as the biggest mall in Europe.

Rome has lots and lots of malls, but which are the biggest?

Starting with "Euroma2" opened in 2008 and following with "Porta di Roma" and "Roma Est".

Let's see more in detailed what they have to offer.


Euroma2 is the biggest shopping mall in Rome, located in the area between Viale Oceano Pacifico, via Cristoforo Colombo and via Decima.

Built in 2008 with an area of 51.375 square meters and a cost of almost €300K has beat the previous record, held by Porta di Roma.

Inside there are 230 shops and a big supermarket, myriads os clothing and electronic shops such the Apple Store.

Subway B, Eur - Fermi stop
From here you must take one of these bus 070/700/709 and get off at the stop Colombo/Pacifico.

Bus, lines 070/700/709 or 788.


Porta di Roma

Porta di Roma now held the second place but its position is more favorable for the tourists since it's on the northern side of the city, so easier to reach.

Opened in 2007, cover an area of 150.000 square meters and 220 shops. Inside you can find anything, even a 14 theatre rooms multi-screen cinema. A supermarket, clothing and technology shops.

By bus:

Line 80 from Piazza Venezia leaves every 10/15 minutes - Tube Well / Lionello Porta di Roma - last departure from port of Rome at 00.00

Line 38 from Termini Station with departures every 10/15 minutes - Tube Well / Lionello Porta di Roma - last departure from port of Rome at 00.00

Line 435 from Piazza Primoli (via Ugo Ojetti) with departures every 20 minutes - Tube Well / Lionello Porta di Roma - last departure from port of Rome at 00.00

Line 341 from Ponte Mammolo Metro Station, which departs every 10 minutes (Saturday - Sunday every 10 minutes) - Well stop / Lionello Porta di Roma - last departure from port of Rome at 00:15

Metro B1 to the Ionian terminus then bus 80/38 to the stop Well / Lionello Porta di Roma

Night Bus N13 from Baseggio (200 meters from the shopping center) with departures every 20 minutes - first departure from Baseggio at 00:10


RomaEst finds itself at the third place in this ranking list, 136K square meters and 220 shops.

Born in 2007 has una of the biggest supermarket with its 24K square meters, clothing shops, restaurants and electronic shops.

There is also a multi-purpose auditorium that offers assistance to older people and to children with a little theme park.

Rome, with Milan, is the center of the Italian thoughtless wastage!

Ponte di Nona station – CC Romaest.

Service begins from 11:00 am to 08:00 pm.

11:00 am -12:00 am – 01:00 pm – 02:00 pm -03:00pm – 04:00 pm – 05:00 pm – 05:30 pm – 06:00 pm – 07:00 pm;

11:50 am – 12:50 am – 01:50 pm – 02:50 pm – 03:50 pm – 04:30 pm – 05:15 pm – 05:50 pm – 06:30 pm – 07:40 pm;

Bus Monti Prenestini – CC Romaest.

GENAZZANO – CAVE – PALESTRINA – GALLICANO-ZAGAROLO – SAN CESAREO – ROMAEST: departures at 03:45 pm from Genazzano stop P.le della Pace – at 03:50 pm Cave stop in front of API gas station – at 04:00 pm Palestrina stop end of line Martuccia, Via Porfina, S. Lucia, S. Rocco (Hospital) – at 04:10 pm Gallicano stop Piazza Della Rocca – at 04:20 pm Zagarolo stop P.zza del Mercato and P.zza Santa Maria – at 04:30 pm San Cesareo stop Co.tral .

The service charge is € 4 round trip, free for children under one meter tall.

Euronics in Rome

Standing alongside the big malls, Rome hosts major franchises such Euronics. The main electronic chain shop, here you can find a lot of interesting deals.

Getting there if you don't have a car is a little tricky since it's out of the big ring road of Rome, I suggest you go to one of the above malls.

Rome little markets

Walking your way through the little Rome markets, sneak a peek at the stands, and maybe find a beautiful pair of shoes with a good deal is in my opinion funnier than a tour in the same monotonous shopping malls.

In Rome, the little markets, flea markets, jumble, whatever you call them, are an integrated part of the culture, the territory, the folklore of this city.

You can find street vendors every day, near the big roads, out of the subways, or in the context of the local markets.

But, which are the best spots to find the right opportunity?

And how to maneuver when buying?

How to identify the right stands from the more and more Chinese stands?

Let walk through the markets more known and more recommended.

A first tip is to go at one of these markets in the opening hours, in order to win the best deals, or in the closing time because the stands start to make significant discounts to not let unsold the merchandise.

The second tip, try to always negotiate the price, how the Sūq teaches, the Arab countries markets, where it is imperative negotiate on the purchase.

porta portese rome

My personal tip, (I bought a beautiful black coat about 20 years ago there) is to not stop on the roadside, but venture inside the market, where you can find quality shoes, brand clothing, vintage and a lot more.

Famous and iconic is the flea market Porta Portese (every Sunday from 6:00 am to 2:00 pm in Piazza Porta Portese, between Trastevere and Testaccio), here you can literally find anything, antiques, modern stuff, new or second-hand, from plants to bicycles.

A special mention goes to the Mercatino di Monti, a little market that every first and third Sunday attract hundreds of curious looking for some vintage item. The London style makes of this market something original.

You can find vintage and modern clothing, designer labels, jewels, sunglasses, shoes, from pop to rock styles.

Once here, don't miss the King Size Vintage shop, especially if you like '60-'70 retrò clothes.

The Ponte Milvio market (from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm every first and second Sunday) stretches on the Tevere riverbank with more than 150 stands.

Perfect for fornitures, antiques, collectibles.

Well-liked by young girls is the Villaggio Olimpico market (also known as Viale Tiziano market), for who is looking for amazing boots/shoes or to buy the components for handmade jewelry.

That's all I know about doing shopping in Rome, hoping this big guide for the streets of Rome will help some of you traveler.

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